You keep hearing those gunshots in San Francisco too? | by FranMorelandJohns | June 2022

The booms shake an already uneasy town

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On Saturday evening, May 28, around 11 p.m., three consecutive explosions shook much of central San Francisco. The first shook this reporter out of bed, in the middle of a good book that landed on the floor. It was followed, within moments, by a second and then a very loud third boom, the last accompanied by a flare that briefly lit up the night sky.

They weren’t gunshots. Unfortunately, most San Franciscans can identify the sound of a gunshot – which is quickly becoming true across the country, but that’s another story.

Neither were these fireworks, unless three important caches were lit in succession. Transformers? PG&E says nothing.

Had some kind of Memorial Day celebration gone wrong? Maybe, I’m not sure.

Most of us have been waiting for follow-up sounds: sirens, police cars, screams in the night. Nothing. Complete silence ensued, which seemed a little scary.

A similar explosion was heard around 7 p.m. on Tuesday May 31. It wasn’t as loud and you couldn’t hear it as widely. But the Saturday night booms have been heard (and in most cases felt) in Japantown, Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, Hayes Valley and Inner Sunset – to name just a few areas where anecdotal checks have been made.

Calls to local news sites, even 3-1-1, yielded no response. Shocking.

Those who have heard the hubbub are more curious than fearful, even though fear is around the corner these days. An elderly resident of the facility said she jumped out of bed and immediately went to lock her door. To which the building superintendent replied that if they were little green men from Mars, they would never go anywhere without proof of vaccination.

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Someone, somewhere, must somehow have some idea of ​​what’s going on, right? Inquiring minds want to know.

Maybe someone is reading bold italics?

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