Why so expensive? Responses provided during Affordable Housing Month virtual events

Silicon Valley at home ([email protected]) has a series of events planned for May to mark Affordable Housing Month.

The events – all free and online – will answer questions such as why housing is so expensive, where to start if you’re interested in building secondary housing, and how people are trying to tackle the problem of homelessness.

Scheduled events include:

• Tuesday: “Building a Backyard Home (ADU) in Silicon Valley”, presented by Habitat ADU

• May 13: “Affordable Housing Virtual Tour,” presented by the Santa Clara County Supportive Housing Office, which leads the process of 330 Distel Drive, a completely affordable project in Los Altos

• May 14: “The Future of Housing in Silicon Valley: The Cost of Housing”, presented by [email protected]

• May 19: “Best Practices for Safe Parking,” presented by Palo Alto Forward

• May 21: “The future of housing: an innovative government action”, presented by [email protected]

• May 25: “Affordable Housing, California’s Essential ‘Missing Middle’,” hosted by Catalyst Housing Group

To register and for more information, visit siliconvalleyathome.org/events/#affensible-housing-month.

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