French food-tech company Umiami opened its new production unit to develop its whole vegetable cuts. The new Umiami innovation center is based on the Saclay plateau, also known as Europe’s Silicon Valley.

Umiami, the innovator of vegan chicken breasts, claims that already this year the plant will save 350,000 kg of CO2 and save 100,000 animals. When the dedicated factory reaches full capacity, it will create up to 200 jobs and produce 15,000 tonnes of beef per year. This will serve its B2B customers worldwide in food manufacturing and catering.

Umiami chicken breast
© Umiami

After developing its proprietary technology to create what it says are the world’s first vegan whole cuts, Umiami has raised Europe’s biggest Series A funding ever in the plant-based meat market, securing $30 million in investors, including the French government. The company also has recently announced a partnership with the vertically integrated vegetable market Above Food to develop its production processes.

“We are here in the best place in the world to develop an industrial start-up”, commented Tristan Maurel, co-founder and CEO of Umiami.