Thieves Twice Strike Cinematographer’s House in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – San Francisco police are looking for suspects involved in a home burglary off Franconia Drive.

The victim says the suspects broke in not once, but twice, all within weeks of each other.

During the two trips back to the Bernal Heights home, the thieves stole approximately $35,000 worth of equipment that the victim uses for his video production work.

The garage is now barricaded in this house to prevent anyone from entering inside.

The victim says how the suspects got in the first time remains a mystery, but the second time it was very clear.

Watching the surveillance video, the suspects rammed their car into the garage to gain access and stole all the items they had missed during their first break-in.

They used a green Subaru Outback to open the garage door.

“I’m picking up my son from football practice and I get a call from another neighbour. It’s around 5:20 in the afternoon and he says, ‘Hey, we just called the police. There’s someone else in your garage, so I run home and you see what you see in the video, the damage,” said Alex Cruzvergara.

Alex Cruzvergara says it was the second time in just two weeks, and looking at surveillance video from February of the first break-in, Cruzvergara recognized it was the same vehicle that had returned to the crime scene.

“I feel a bit targeted. You know, these guys come back and their behaviors escalate, which I find pretty scary,” Cruzvergara said.

Between the two burglaries, Cruzvergara, who runs a production company, says the robbers got away with nearly $35,000 worth of gear.

Cruzvergara says he felt angry, frustrated and helpless until two days later Sunday when he drove home and spotted the same green Subaru leaving his neighborhood.

“At that point I knew they were probably back at my house and I had to follow them because if I didn’t the police were going to have a hard time identifying these guys and so I am all over Bayview. I phoned the police dispatcher and gave him detailed directions on where this car was going,” Cruzvergara said.

Cruzvergara says he lost the suspects when they walked through a small alley and waited for the police to arrive.

San Francisco police said they picked up the car a few blocks away, but no one was inside.

The SFPD says it believes the same vehicle is also linked to a separate attempted burglary at Rockwood Court on Friday.

“Over the last few years here there has been a slight escalation in these crimes and I have seen it from afar and now it is happening to me and it is just one of those things. It should not be tolerated in San Francisco,” Cruzvergara said.

The vehicle is also likely stolen, according to police. If you have any information on the suspects, contact the SFPD.

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