The Roots’ Black Thought joins venture capital firm to help black entrepreneurs

Principal lyricist and co-founder of The Roots Tariq Trotterbetter known as “Black Thought”, joined a venture capital firm.

Impellent Ventures, a founder-led, equity-focused venture capital fund David Brown and Philippe Beauregardhas chosen Black Thought as the general partner of the venture capital fund.

“I kept an eye on the industry and looked for new ways to invest and diversify my portfolio,” Black Thought said in a statement. “I also see a lot of investment opportunities before anyone else because of what my brand means to founders. The combination of these elements made aligning with Impellent Ventures a natural fit. date and our relationship led to my first visit to the Harvard Innovation Lab in 2016. Joining Dave and Phil has been a long time coming and a natural evolution of our shared interest in helping find and fund the next great generation of entrepreneurs.

Impellent Ventures primarily focuses on uplifting startups. The company focuses on startups that get mentorship from a host of proven investors and successful business minds from established companies like Paychex, Android, LinkedIn, DraftKings and Google. Impellent Ventures provides close access to Tier 1 hub relationships and funds for entrepreneurs of color and trend setters from underserved communities.

The firm has members based in multiple locations across the country, Rochester, Boston, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia, home locations of The Roots.

The company intends to allocate investments to a variety of sectors, including artificial intelligence, health technologies, robotics, consumer goods and applications.

“My brand is kind of like a bridge, and then people also turn to my lyrical content for historical and political commentary, which helps inform them,” Black Thought recently told Axios. “When people see me on the street, they don’t think I’m the kind of celebrity who [is] away from them, on another planet that has nothing in common… There’s a blue-collar rock star thing about The Roots that’s accessible and understandable, and I think any company or brand aligned with that will come across more too.

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