The best comedies on HBO Max, according to Ranker

HBO Max is quickly becoming one of the leading streaming platforms, thanks to the presence of iconic HBO originals. Many of them are sitcoms with loyal followings, including the likes of Veep and Calm your enthusiasm. At the same time, comedy lovers can also stream non-HBO shows such as BBC One. Ghosts and NBCs The prince of Bel-Air.

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private soldier lists”the funniest sitcoms and comedies to watch on HBO Max right nowwith equally diverse viewing options, spanning TV networks and release years. If that wasn’t enough, the list includes not only classics, but also current shows that could become cult hits in ‘to come up.

ten Veep

Selina on the phone in Veep

Without doubt the best role of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep introduces her as titular Vice President Selina Myers. Each satirical episode deals with her political misadventures as she struggles to balance her private and public life.

The series not only attacks its protagonist, but also the American government as a whole. Using a sitcom-like premise, Veep relies on cleverly written satire to expose the hypocrisies of the people who run America. Besides Dreyfus, the supporting cast also carries enough weight with the effortless humor brought in by Tony Hale, Matt Walsh and others.

9 Silicon Valley

The Cast of Silicon Valley.

Located in the colony of the same name, Silicon Valley revolves around a group of socially awkward techies who plan to revolutionize the internet, but with mixed results. While functioning as an underdog story, the HBO original uses deadpan humor to satirize the inner workings of Valley tech companies.

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Based on Mike Judge’s own younger experiences, Silicon Valley is a perfect entry into its weirdly funny screen credits. So if viewers want to indulge in geeky mature humor, this should be the perfect choice.


8 The prince of Bel-Air

The TV show that launched Will Smith’s film career, The prince of Bel-Air was arguably one of the most influential sitcoms of the 1990s. As the classic opening song reveals, the show centers on a boy from Philadelphia who has to move to an upscale neighborhood in Bel-Air. As he embraces his new life, hilarious encounters and life lessons await him.

Even though it received a modern reboot, the original fresh prince must be revisited for its cultural impact alone, if not for such memorable characters as Will Smith’s Will and James Avery’s “Uncle” Phil.

7 Ghosts

Ghosts on HBO Max.

As a couple move into an archaic country house, they encounter all kinds of ghosts from different historical periods. While this formula of paranormal comedy has been tested many times before, the good-natured humor of this British comedy acts as a breath of fresh air.

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Given the premise of Ghostsit’s inevitable to spot satirical homages and tonal similarities to the gag-filled low-budget horrors of yesteryear, especially the Hammer horror films.

6 rick and morty

Rick and Morty going through a portal

The Adult Swim animated sensation has influenced pop culture with each subsequent season, whether in terms of silly memes or existential philosophies. On the surface, the sci-fi cartoon details the interdimensional adventures of an alcoholic scientist and his naive grandson. But it is much more than that.

The characters of rick and morty celebrate down-to-earth human imperfections while episodic arcs head for all sorts of over-the-top dimension jumps. The combo results in one of the best adult animated shows of recent times.

5 The Office (UK)

Gareth, David, Tim and Dawn pose for a photo in The Office UK.

The comedy that paved the way for America’s most popular remake, Office serves as the perfect beginner’s stage for anyone embarking on 21st century British humour. Led by a still cynical and unhinged David Brent (one of the best characters in Ricky Gervais’ work) Office simply deals with the daily happenings of a lethargic and unambitious office staff.

With only two seasons, Office makes for a perfect binge-watching session for fans of the Steve Carrell-directed adaptation as well as new recruits to the fandom.

4 Calm your enthusiasm

Jeff Garlin and Larry David laugh in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Seinfeld co-creator Larry David is an established figure in the TV space. But with HBO Calm your enthusiasmit flipped notions of the familiar sitcom formula on its head with a meta-narrative that pokes fun at its own stardom.

With episodes of Calm your enthusiasm covering the fictional interactions between his friends and family, the show also exposes the ups and downs of showbiz in a comedic light. Now in its 11th season, the 2000s sitcom has aged surprisingly well and just can’t stop.

3 East and down

Danny McBride as Kenny Powers in Eastbound and Down

Sports comedies often cover a sportsman’s fall from grace as well as his subsequent return. East and down follows the same premise that the protagonist is a disgraced baseball player. Back in his hometown, he is forced to become a substitute physical education coach.

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Besides the writing, the show’s strongest asset is lead Danny McBride. While there’s no shortage of other HBO sitcoms starring the actor, East and down happens to be one of his most acclaimed titles that unleashes the true potential of his comedic energy.

2 South Park

South Park Movie

For an impressive 25 seasons, South Park continued to relate the profane adventures of his four friends. But instead of just focusing on their day-to-day business in South Park, the comedy is infamous for firing brutal punches at the government and all things popular culture.

While other long-running adult animated shows such as The Simpsons and Family Guy parodied the family sitcom genre, South Park explored the themes of friendship, politics, love, religion, from the point of view of its impetuous main characters.

1 barry

Bill Hader in Barry season 2

These days, black comedies are in demand and barry is a perfect example. With Bill Hader in the lead role, barry explores the struggles of a hitman to find redemption through a theater workshop. As he tries to get his act right, Barry’s traumatic past comes back.

In addition to making people laugh, barry also has some touching moments that some viewers might not have been ready for. The HBO original continues to draw in audiences as it enters a highly anticipated third season this year.

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