StrikeReady comes out of stealth with $ 3.28 million in seed funding


PALO ALTO, Calif .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – StrikeReady, a cloud-native security operations and management company, has raised $ 3.28 million. The roundtable was led by 11.2 Capital, with participation from Outlier Venture Capital and several Silicon Valley angel investors. The funds will be used to accelerate time to market, sales and develop the R&D team.

StrikeReady has built a cloud-native security operations and management platform that maximizes the return on organizations’ existing security investments – people, processes and products. The platform integrates, operationalizes, optimizes and consolidates disparate security products, and assists and empowers cybersecurity teams. The convergence of AI, data, and automation helps defenders respond quickly to incidents, proactively defend against emerging threats, and operate at lightning speed.

After decades of cybersecurity experience and discussions with hundreds of cybersecurity analysts and CISOs, the StrikeReady team has identified three key issues in today’s security operations.

  1. Cyber ​​Security Skills Gap: The majority of security teams struggle to fully understand the granular capabilities of each cybersecurity vendor’s product, strengths and weaknesses. Excessive tools and massively overlapping features make the problem even worse. In addition, the opponent always finds a new way to attack and it is only after the attack that the new technique, tactic or methodology is discovered.

  2. Cyber ​​Fatigue: Security practitioners continue to suffer from exhaustion when bombarded with alerts. They get tired over time and sometimes run the risk of missing the most critical alerts. The majority of security officials struggle to fill cybersecurity vacancies, and even if they do, they tend to experience massive churn due to analyst burnout.

  3. Collaboration and remote work: Organizations tend to have various teams within the cybersecurity department, such as SOC team, DFIR team, etc. These are often compartmentalized and there is a lack of free flow of information between them.

StrikeReady has redesigned a solution and built it from the ground up to meet the pressing needs of advocates – whether they are a SOC Analyst, Incident Responder, Threat Intel Analyst, ” Threat Hunter, Red Teamer, Security Engineer, etc.

“Suppose you’re going to be violated – is the new normal for the cybersecurity industry, as bad actors escalate their attacks through automation and organizations need to take a similar approach. The convergence of AI, knowledge and automation is essential to improve the productivity of security analysts and reduce their skills gap. StrikeReady founders Yasir and Anurag have deep expertise in security operations and AI-powered automation. They have created a unique product that accelerates incident investigations, automates response, conveys knowledge, and proactively secures the organization. 11.2 Capital is delighted to support the team’s mission in advancing security operations in the future, ”said Pramod Gosavi, 11.2 Capital.

The StrikeReady team is led by Yasir Khalid, former head of engineering and architect at FireEye, and joined by Anurag Gurtu, former head of security product marketing (UEBA) at Splunk and head of technical marketing at FireEye. StrikeReady has an excellent team of engineers, who were recruited early on from FireEye and have extensive experience working on various security stacks – network security, endpoint security, email security, security. cloud and automation.

In less than two years, StrikeReady has deployed its product to many large and medium-sized businesses and government agencies in the United States and around the world.

“I am delighted to support Yasir and his team at StrikeReady as they build the future cybersecurity operations platform. We firmly believe that human augmentation is the best approach to tackle the cybersecurity talent crisis. It is impressive to see what the StrikeReady team has accomplished in such a short period of time. We are delighted to see their product deployed in organizations in the United States and internationally, ”said Mohammed Almeshekah, Managing Partner of Outlier Venture Capital.

“If we look at the state of cybersecurity today, we’ve never had so many security tools at our disposal. These tools range from next-generation detection or prevention technologies, security awareness frameworks to threat intelligence products and more. All of these technologies provide unprecedented information. in attackers and how they work. Yet organizations have only been able to improve their security posture marginally. And that validates our thesis – the problem is cybersecurity skills shortage, talent shortage and lack of collaboration, ”said Yasir Khalid, Founder and CEO“ Our vision is to take a human-centered approach to make the security team efficient and exceptionally efficient while turning cybersecurity analysts into experts, and that too without on-the-job training. ”

About StrikeReady

StrikeReady is committed to focusing squarely on the most fundamental element of cybersecurity – The People – with one simple goal – Empower Defenders. The product combines contextual awareness, automation, knowledge and collaboration to modernize security operations. The product integrates with all major endpoint, network, cloud and intelligence products.

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