SK Group to Hold SK 2022 Global Forum in Silicon Valley

SK Group will be hosting the 2022 SK Global Forum in San Jose, CA from June 10-12 (local time).

SK Group announced on June 8 that it will host the 2022 SK Global Forum in San Jose, California from June 10-12 (local time).

This year’s forum is hosted by five SK Group subsidiaries – SK Innovation, SK Telecom, SK Hynix, SK Siltron and SK Inc. Each company will hold a session independently, focusing on their core business portfolio and exploring new growth drivers.

Senior executives including SK Innovation Vice President Kim Jun and SK On President Ji Dong-seop will attend the forum. SK innovation is reorienting its activities towards green activities as part of the Carbon to Green strategy.

In line with these changes, the forum will focus on four themes – the status and outlook of energy, energy and chemical companies’ zero/low carbon strategies to achieve net zero, status of resource recycling systems such as plastic waste recycling and innovative technology for the commercialization of next-generation batteries. Attendees will share their ideas and diverse opinions to transform SK Innovation into a green energy and materials company pursued by SK Innovation with experts from industries and academia.

SK Hynix and SK Siltron will also host their own forums and meetings with a focus on improving competitiveness in next-generation semiconductors and materials.

SK Hynix, which promotes the establishment of a semiconductor R&D center in Silicon Valley, invited semiconductor experts to talk about recent technologies and R&D trends in DRAM, NAND flash, systems on chips (SoC) and packaging.

SK Siltron recently acquired and expanded a plant for silicon carbide (SiC) wafers, a key material for power semiconductors, in Michigan, USA. He will host a session under the theme “SiC Wafers: A Bold Attempt to Move Forward into High-Quality Volume Production”.

SK Telecom and SK C&C have selected artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data solutions and blockchain as their core next-generation business technologies. They will hold sessions and expert meetings on topics such as digital transformation.

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