Silicon Valley EP launched ‘funny and poignant’ Worf series

Paramount + Star Trek Fleet Admiral Alex Kurtzman cites his enthusiasm for a dramatic Worf spin-off proposed by Graham Wagner from Silicon Valley.

As prolific television producer Alex Kurtzman continues to lead Paramount + ‘s “Marvelization” of the Star Trek universe, he recently shared his enthusiasm for a potential Worf spinoff series, presented by Silicon Valley and Portlandia producer Graham Wagner.

Talk to The New York Times, Kurtzman called Wagner’s Worf pitch “incredibly funny, poignant and touching.” Kurtzman has indicated that Wagner’s proposed spin-off will be classified as a comedy-drama, which complements his expansion plan. Star Trek into a franchise capable of covering television genres.

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Kurtzman is currently producing three Star Trek serial for Paramount +, Discovery, Picard and Lower decks, as well as the next series Prodigy and Brave new worlds. The animated series for adults Lower decks provides an example of Kurtzman’s ambitious goals for the Star Trek franchise, as it hopes to expand ownership into an MCU-style storytelling platform.

“Anything is allowed, as long as it can fit into the Star Trek ethics of inspiration, optimism and the general idea that humanity is good, “Kurtzman explained.” You name the genre, and there’s probably a Star Trek version of it. “Both Prodigy and an ongoing Starfleet Academy series will target a younger audience, with Kurtzman citing his admiration for Marvel’s ability to capture children’s imaginations.

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Kurtzman’s gender dreams can be explored further in a series of anthologies Short hikes, where Wagner made his first official contribution to Star Trek in “The problem with Edward.” While the Worf series proposed by Wagner comes from a comedic angle, much like his Short hikes episode, the Silicon Valley producer is not the only one with ideas for Star Trekis the beloved Klingon hero. Michael Dorn, the actor responsible for The next generation‘s Worf, is also harboring ideas for how his character’s story might continue in a spinoff series.

Dorn’s speech centers on a declining Klingon society, forced to assimilate and loosen its rigid structures, with Worf’s help, in order to survive. While thematically more austere than the series proposed by Wagner, Dorn’s continued passion for Worf indicates that he would likely be ready to return to the makeup chair to don his iconic forehead in the future of the franchise. Any possible Worf spin-off would reinforce Dorn’s legacy as an actor with the most episode appearances in Star Trek nowadays.

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While both Dorn and Wagner have offered promising sequels to Worf’s story, there has been no official confirmation from Kurtzman or Paramount + as to whether a spinoff on the character is in serious consideration. If the streamer were to pursue a spin-off of Worf, the series would join Picard as second The next generation fallout on the platform.

Dorn’s Worf first appeared in The next generation, where he starred alongside Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner. Paramount + Homes Star Trek‘s back catalog, as well as current series Discovery, Picard, Lower decks, Prodigy and Brave new worlds.

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Source: The New York Times

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