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Startups were obsessed with billboards. It was the first thing I noticed when I moved to San Francisco: Venture-backed companies including Eaze, Airbnb, and notoriously Brex were running big ads across town to attract attention and eyes. When I dug deeper into it I learned this old school type of outdoor advertising was a response to increasingly crowded online channels like Facebook and Instagram ads.

Well, folks, years later we have a new answer to crowded marketing channels: ditch the billboards and just buy a media company instead. There has been a recent push for startups and venture capitalists to acquire or create media businesses, which I would say is they find a creative way to position content marketing. Last week, Axios discovered that Coinbase was launching a media operation on the cryptocurrency. At the same time, Clubhouse wants hire freelance writers, while its main investor to date, Andreessen Horowitz, has the ambition to open an opinion poll. Other information such as The Skimm exploring a potential sale and Hubspot acquiring the Hustle also add to the tale of broader media ambitions through the technology.

We had the impact of a venture capital-backed media surge on Equity, our award-winning (!) Podcast, this week. My opinion, as you can see from this introduction, is that this is not a race to compete with journalism. It’s a hurry to compete with a noisy world and rename ads to media operations.

I could talk about journalism, technology and media forever, but that’s all about it today. In the rest of this newsletter, we’ll cover new IPOs, startups providing upfront income to other startups, and tactical advice on building versus buying a tech stack. As always, you can find me podcasting @Equitypod and tweet to @nmasc_.

IP (oats)

Oatly went public this week, and there weren’t enough jokes or puns about it. (Although I enjoyed this one). My complaint aside, IIt has been a busy week for public markets.

Here’s what you need to know: Marqueta, which focuses on card issuance and payment technology, has a fascinating S-1 deposit – including what I would say is a Peloton-Affirm relationship with Square. Alex dug through the numbers and told you what to think about his deposit in The Exchange.

And some oat milk please:

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Build or buy?

Telemedicine must prepare for a post-pandemic world, which comes with its own initial costs, risks and, as Marcela points out, its opportunities. About $ 3.1 billion in funding was invested in the sector in 2020 – roughly three times what we saw in 2019, according to its latest story. To make money and have an impact, startups have work to do.

Here’s what you need to know: It’s time for you to read a map of the telemedicine market, from its current state and various stresses, to affordability and straightforward dynamics that nobody talks about.

And here’s a dessert to end your healthy meal:

Close up of a spade shovel used to dig a hole in the ground

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The pipe bursts

Everyone is paying attention to Pipe, who just raised $ 250 million for a valuation of $ 2 billion. As Mary Ann puts it, the company claims to be the Nasdaq for revenue, and that gives SaaS companies a way to get their revenue up front by “pairing them with investors in a market that will pay a reduced rate for value.” annual of these. contracts. “

Here’s what you need to know: This wasn’t the only check that was inflicted on startups providing other startups with upfront income this week. Uncapped, which is the European equivalent of Pipe, has raised $ 80 million in funding. In other words, in less than 24 hours, TechCrunch reported that nearly $ 330 million had been spent supporting the concept of startups providing other startups with up-front income.

Other dollar signs to watch out for:

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Around TC

TechCrunch is looking for 20 start-ups to participate in Startup Battlefield at TC Disrupt 2021 this year. Startups receive a feature article on, intensive pitch training from the TC team, the chance to win $ 100,000 in non-stock prizes, and attention from thousands of press and investors global.

So what are you waiting for? Apply before May 27!

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