Siam Capital talks about sustainability in venture capital investment

Investing in sustainability does not mean a trade-off that impacts returns. On the contrary, it represents one of the greatest opportunities for wealth creation, says Sita Chantramonklasri, founder and general partner of New York-based venture capital firm Siam Capital.

“People have always looked at sustainability as a kind of active trade-off. The reality is that no sustainable solution is viable in the long term if it’s not also cost-competitive,” Chantramonklasri told PitchBook in sidelines of the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon, Portugal, on November 4.

Founded in 2021, Siam Capital focuses on supporting startups in the consumer technology and sustainability sectors. Recent company investments include e-bike maker Cowboy; Evereden, a producer of anti-allergy baby care products; and Helaina, a producer of synthetic breast milk.

Chantramonklasri notes that while consumers are unlikely to opt for sustainable alternatives if it means paying a higher price, there are now many examples of companies offering sustainable and cost-effective alternatives.

“It’s not just about climate. It’s not just about energy. It’s about preparing for this next wave of transition,” added Chantramonklasri, stressing the importance of innovations in areas like agtech – one of Siam’s first investments was Ecovative, a company that uses mycelium. to develop textiles, sustainable packaging and alternatives to plastic.

“We have this assumption that we’re going to run out of arable land. The resources are going to run out. How do we find different solutions that are also more cost-competitive, better for the consumer, but also better for the planet?”

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