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JEDDAH: The Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen said a “hostile” operation by Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi militia targeted an Aramco oil facility in Jeddah on Friday.

The attack targeted a petroleum products distribution station in the city and caused a fire in two tanks, the coalition said, adding that the fire had been brought under control.

No deaths or injuries resulted from the attack.

An official source at the Energy Ministry said that a petroleum products distribution station north of Jeddah and the Al-Mukhtara station in the Jazan region were attacked with rockets.

The Spokesperson expressed the Kingdom’s strong condemnation of the aggressions and repeated perpetration of terrorist crimes by the Houthis against vital installations and civilian property in the Kingdom constitutes a violation of all international laws and norms.

The spokesperson reiterated that the Kingdom will not be responsible for any shortage of oil supply in international markets, as these terrorist attacks by Iran-backed Houthi terrorist militias against its oil facilities continue.

The spokesman said the Kingdom has warned that the international community should be aware of the danger of Iran’s continued supply of ballistic missiles and advanced drones, which target the Kingdom’s oil, gas and refining facilities.

The severe effects on the upstream and downstream sector could affect the Kingdom’s production capacity and its ability to meet its obligations to international markets, seriously threatening the security and stability of energy supply to world markets.

The spokesperson said it has become clear that such terrorist attacks, and those behind them, are not just targeting the Kingdom alone, but the security and stability of the world’s energy supply, therefore targeting the global economy, especially in these extremely difficult times. sensitive circumstances from which the world and the international energy markets are suffering.

The Kingdom calls on all nations and organizations in the world to unite against such acts of terrorism by groups that carry out or support these attacks.

“This hostile escalation targets oil facilities (and aims) to affect energy security, the coalition said, adding that the Houthis target oil facilities in a bid to impact “the artery of the global economy. “.

The Coalition also said daily life in Jeddah was unaffected by the attacks. Those on the Formula 1 track could see the large cloud of black smoke in the distance.

Washington condemned what it called “unacceptable” attacks by Yemen’s Houthis on Saudi energy facilities, deputy State Department spokeswoman Jalina Porter said Friday, adding that the United States would continue to work with Saudi Arabia to strengthen its defences.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also condemned the attacks, tweeting: “I fully condemn the latest Houthi attack on critical sites in Saudi Arabia, including Jeddah. These strikes put civilian lives at risk and must stop.

Kuwait, Jordan and Bahrain also expressed their condemnation of the Houthi attacks.

Elsewhere, Saudi air defense forces destroyed seven drones and a missile launched by the Houthi militia targeting the south of the Kingdom, the Coalition said on Friday.

Hostile Houthi militia attempts deliberately target civilian areas, energy facilities, Coalition said.

The coalition warned the Houthi militia against escalating their “serious violations” after targeting the Kingdom with 16 attacks on Friday.

Three of the 16 attacks included explosive-laden drones launched towards Najran, while nine explosive-laden drones were launched towards the southern, eastern and central regions of the Kingdom.

The ongoing Houthi attacks threaten both regional and international security, the Coalition added.

“We support the Gulf and the international community in the success of negotiations with Yemen,” the Coalition said.

* With AP and Reuters

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