San Francisco and San Jose airports are the best in the United States – NBC Bay Area

In just a few days, we will be embarking on what is widely regarded as the worst week of the year for travel. But Bay Area residents take heart.

The region is home to some of the best airports in the country, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper ranked San Francisco International Airport as the best large airport in the United States and San Jose International Airport as the third-best medium-sized airport in the country, just after Sacramento International Airport and the San Diego International Airport, respectively.

Despite a high risk of delays due to near-constant Bay Area fog, San Francisco International (SFO) recently recorded an 80% on-time rate, the newspaper reported.

“The double of more reliable flights and top-notch amenities propelled the airport to the top spot,” the newspaper said of SFO.

As for amenities, SFO is equipped with a museum, art exhibits, and local eateries like Bun Mee and Boudin Bakery.

Travelers may view the classification as a “headache”, the newspaper said.

The Wall Street Journal ranking presents the 50 largest airports in the country, divided into two categories: the 20 largest – according to the number of passengers – and the next 30, which constitute the medium-sized section. Airports were ranked on 19 factors, including punctuality, security wait times and customer satisfaction scores.

Oakland International Airport registered at No. 10 in the part of the ranking of medium-sized airports.

To view the full ranking, click here.

Alaska Airlines on Wednesday unveiled a San Francisco Giants-themed plane ahead of the club’s first playoff appearance in five years. The longtime Giants sponsor also opened a themed lounge at San Francisco International Airport.

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