Regions Bank Announces Hurricane Delta Disaster Recovery Financial Services


LAFAYETTE, Louisiana – () –Bank of regions on Tuesday announced a series of financial services, including payment extensions and the removal of certain fees, to help people and businesses in parts of Louisiana1 who were affected by Hurricane Delta.

“In addition to the services we are announcing today, Regions Bank is ready to offer financial advice and guidance based on our disaster recovery experience,” said Steve Nivet, Regional Director of Personal Banking Services for Regions Bank. “We encourage our customers to visit our branches, check or call us with their individual needs. We have worked with clients in many natural disasters including Hurricanes Laura and Sally. And we are here – ready to serve – as we recover from Hurricane Delta together. ”

Disaster recovery financial services available for a limited time in affected areas1 include:

  • No check cashing fees will be charged for FEMA-issued checks cashed at regional branches in affected areas.2

  • Regions will waive or refund fees charged by non-regional ATMs for customers of banks in affected areas for 15 days starting Tuesday, October 13.3

  • Regions will waive ATM surcharge fees for non-regional customers using bank ATMs in affected areas for 15 days starting Tuesday, October 13.4

  • CD withdrawal without penalty is available.5

  • A 0.50% discount on the interest rate is available on new unsecured personal loans.6

  • Payment extensions are available for current credit card holders. Residents of affected areas can contact regions to discuss their individual needs.7

  • Regions Disaster Mortgage Assistance Home Improvement and Purchase Loan programs are available.

  • Business loan payment deferrals will be available for up to 90 days from Tuesday, October 13.7

  • Personal and business loan repayment assistance is available.

Useful recovery information is available through the Disaster Resource Center, linked here on In addition, Regions maintains a customer support program throughout the year. Through this program, bankers listen to the unique needs of individual clients and explore various options to help meet financial challenges, such as those brought on by a natural disaster.

In addition, for any questions regarding a mortgage, customers can call the Regional Mortgage Help Line at 1-800-986-2462. For assistance with home equity and other consumer loans, clients can call 1-866-298-1113. A dedicated team is available at 1-800-411-9393 to answer other questions and concerns regarding banking needs.

General account services are available at any time via and updating Regions mobile application.

About the Régions Finance Company

Regions Financial Corporation (NYSE: RF), with $ 144 billion in assets, is a member of the S&P 500 Index and is one of the nation’s largest full-service providers of personal and commercial banking services, wealth management and mortgage products and services. Regions serves customers in the South, Midwest and Texas and, through its subsidiary, Regions Bank, operates approximately 1,400 bank offices and 2,000 ATMs. Regions Bank is an equal housing lender and member of the FDIC. Additional information on Regions and its full range of products and services is available at

1 Offers are available for a limited time and only to individuals and businesses affected by the recent disaster, may be subject to other exclusions and restrictions, and are subject to change without notice. All loans and lines, deferrals, extensions or withholdings are subject to required documentation and credit approval. Residence restrictions may apply; offers are only available in the following postal codes: 70380, 70392, 70397, 70501, 70502, 70503, 70504, 70505, 70506, 70507, 70508, 70509, 70510, 70511, 70512, 70513, 70514, 70515, 70516, 70517 , 70518, 70519, 70520, 70521, 70522, 70523, 70524, 70525, 70526, 70527, 70528, 70529, 70531, 70532, 70533, 70534, 70535, 70537, 70538, 70540, 70541, 70542, 70543, 70544 70548, 70549, 70550, 70551, 70552, 70554, 70555, 70556, 70558, 70559, 70560, 70562, 70563, 70569, 70570, 70571, 70575, 70576, 70577, 70578, 70580, 70581, 70582, 70583, 70585, 70586, 70589, 70591, 70592, 70593, 70596, 70598, 70601, 70602, 70605, 70606, 70607, 70609, 70611, 70612, 70615, 70616, 70629, 70630, 70631, 70632, 70633, 70634, 70638, 70640, 70643, 70644, 70645, 70646, 70647, 70648, 70650, 70651, 70652, 70654, 70655, 70656, 70657, 70658, 70660, 70662, 70663, 70664, 70665, 70668, 70669, 70715, 70747, 70750, 70753, 70755, 70756, 70757, 70759, 71320, 71322, 71325, 71327, 71329, 7133 0, 71333, 71339, 7 1341, 71345, 71346, 71350, 71351, 71353, 71355, 71356, 71358, 71362, 71367, 71369, 71430, 71433, 71448, 71463

2 Available only at branches of the above postal codes. Régions reserves the right to refuse to cash any check.

3 Customers who use non-regional ATMs may be charged an ATM service fee by the ATM owner.

4 Applies only to ATMs in the above postal codes. ATM services for non-customers may be subject to fees charged by other banks.

5 The No Penalty Offer allows customers to make a partial or full withdrawal without penalty. Withdrawal without penalty must be made more than seven days after the date of issue or the most recent renewal date (whichever is later). Any other withdrawal will be subject to penalties.

6 Applications submitted online are not eligible for the loan rate reduction.

7 Subject to credit approval. Interest will continue to accrue during the period the payment is skipped or deferred. For installment loans, deferral or skipping may extend the maturity of your loan but will not automatically extend optional insurance. Withholdings, skipped payments and postponements generally (a) vary by client, (b) postpone – rather than forgive – certain payment obligations, and (c) require full payment of deferred payments at the end of the payment period. abstention or deferment, in addition to any other amount that comes due, unless you make other arrangements with the Regions to resolve the default.


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