Redwood City students face expulsion after lunchtime protest over new rules – NBC Bay Area

More than a dozen students face expulsion from a Redwood City high school after a lunchtime protest against new cellphone and hallway rules, parents said.

It all started with a demo during lunch hours last week at the Design Tech Charter School next to the Oracle campus.

“My understanding was that the kids had a chant, which was, ‘Hey-ho, this administration needs to go,'” said a parent who did not want to be identified.

Parents said the school suspended 13 students for participating in the protest and they now face expulsion hearings.

“Oh, that’s completely wrong. It’s out of control and you have this problem because of the way you run this school, another parent said.

NBC Bay Area was on campus Thursday to speak with the school’s principal, but she said a statement would be made.

They later released a statement saying, in part, “Design Tech supports the freedom of expression of its students…We cannot discuss the specifics of a matter of student discipline…Design tech does not tolerate harassment from any members of its community, including students, staff, parents or caregivers.

“I know a lot of children cry to sleep,” said one parent. “I know that as a parent, I couldn’t sleep. I cried.

Parents point to numerous student walkouts in San Francisco and Oakland and the fact that these students have never been suspended, let alone expelled.

Instead, they were applauded for peacefully expressing their First Amendment rights.

Now some are wondering if students on the Peninsula are treated differently because Design Tech is a charter school.

“I think I finally understood why there is a movement against charter schools,” said one parent. “Because they can do whatever they want.”

Ironically, parents say one of the school’s core values ​​is rebellion.

A parent said a better word is – toxic, and she pulls her child out of De-Tech.

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