Okapi:Orbits Raises $5.7M in Seed Funding

SAN FRANCISCO — German startup Okapi:Orbits has raised €5.5 million ($5.7 million) in a seed funding round led by Munich Re Ventures with participation from Dolby Family Ventures, Herius Capital and APEX Ventures.

Okapi offers space traffic management software designed to help satellite operators reduce maneuvering, save fuel and limit downtime. More than 50 satellites in orbit already rely on Okapi software, said Kristina Nikolaus, co-founder and CEO of Okapi. SpaceNews by email.

Okapi is raising funds to expand its platform’s user base, improve its product portfolio and expand its international footprint at a time when increased traffic in low Earth orbit has heightened interest in knowledge of the space situation and space traffic management.

An increase in operational satellites and orbital debris causes interference, close approaches and potential collisions. Okapi’s goal is to enable customers “uninterrupted use of technology in space” through the use of the Okapi platform, according to the June 13 press release.

Okapi’s space traffic management software merges radar, telescope, space sensor and laser ranging data to predict risk, interference and environmental impacts. Okapi also offers risk analysis, simulation capabilities and tools to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

“Our overarching mission is to help operators increase the life of their assets with a minimal environmental footprint, keeping their investments secure and taking advantage of the great opportunities the burgeoning space market has to offer to solve Earth’s problems,” Nikolaus said in a statement. .

In addition to venture capitalists, Okapi’s seed round attracted investment from individuals: Andreas Kupke, founder of German financial services firm Finanzcheck, SAP VP Christian Dahlen, angel investor Ingo Luge and Michael Oxfort, RapidEye’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Okapi:Orbits addresses a critical and underserved market,” Luge said in a statement.

Timur Davis, Director of Munich Re Ventures, said in a statement: “Munich Re Ventures is delighted to support Okapi:Orbits in its vision to reduce the risk of collisions and other adverse events in space. We share their commitment to innovative solutions that facilitate a safe and sustainable space ecosystem.

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