Mile-long rainbow light display shines across downtown San Francisco

Just in time for SF Pride weekend, WELCOME by Illuminate, sponsored by Peak Design, debuted at around 9:30 p.m. last night at the Ferry Building, projecting a 4.1-mile-long luminous rainbow – thanks to an array of six laser beams – down Market Street towards Twin Peaks.

Pride in San Francisco is becoming a brighter and brighter showcase…literally. For the third time, the Pink Triangle organized by Illuminate is currently fixed on a hill in Twin Peaks. City Hall continues to sway with various radiant queer solidarity displays. SFO beams with all the colors of the rainbow arrive this time of year; The Salesforce Tower is now striped in Pride colors. Adding to our hyperlocal list of LGBTQIA+ public light art is WELCOME-and it’s vying to be the most impressive in town.

As noted by The San Francisco Standard, light display has been rolled out at an impressive pace by Illuminate. The showcase further reinforces that San Francisco has remained a ubiquitous focal point and symbol for securing and promoting LGBTQIA+ rights not just in the country, but around the world.

The piece itself is approximately 49 feet wide and uses high-powered laser beams capable of firing miles away; in this specific case, the six lasers used – each designed to shine a pride-themed rainbow color – can project a 4.1-mile-long queer solidarity beacon from the Ferry Building and towards Market Street ; each of the beams is directed at a 3 degree angle, so they can reach above Twin Peaks in the distance.

Although the scope of the project may seem gargantuan, Peak Design made sure the screen was “really simple” to install.

“He made it very simple, where you just had to plug it into a [110-volt outlet]Debra Walker – a lesbian artist and now a Police Commission nominee – told The Standard, noting how easy it was to set up. “It was like a coffee maker. It didn’t need anything special.

According to KRON4, Peak Design founder Peter Dering wanted to create a visual representation for the community to visually appreciate and document this type of artwork.

San Francisco has always been our home,” Dering told the outlet. “And we’re proud to celebrate the LGBTQ community and remind the world what SF stands for: love and inclusion.”

WELCOME will run the rest of the Pride weekend from 9:30 p.m. to midnight.

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Photo: courtesy of @sf_downtown on Twitter

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