MCbot debuts and shows his real face

New York, NY, June 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Developed jointly by the technical teams of MC and Google, the MCguess and MCbot systems can automatically identify trading signals and execute trades according to the trading strategy defined by the MC Quantitative Trading Team. It was launched on March 3, 2021. At present, it is applicable to Bitcoin perpetual contract transactions with 5-10 times leverage, and profits are generated through the stop-profit settings strategy. and timely stop-loss. In case of high risk, the MCbot system will quickly identify and simultaneously buy reverse assets from year to year for transparent hedging. The super risk prediction capability performs zero risk hedge arbitrage and generates very high returns.

So what does this magical and powerful MCbot look like?

Everyone must be very curious about MCbot. Programmers in Mintmark’s R&D departments around the world are hoping to hear about the Silicon Valley R&D center. So, a programmer at the Silicon Valley R&D center one day shows his daily work to everyone at Mintmark from his first-person perspective.

From the perspective of engineers who give MCbot endless capabilities, it will show us the staff accommodation environment, office environment, staff rest area, meeting room, restaurant, center of data. It will give everyone the real feel of Mintmark R&D center in Silicon Valley and lead us to explore the secrets of MCbot.

Everyone must be very curious, why the protagonist is not on stage? After viewing the video, the editor can only use the word “shock” to describe it. Everyone knows that a company’s R&D center is not open to the public. Google only opens the Googleplex as a theme park to the public. Likewise, Mintmark ignores customer information and data security in order to eliminate contact with the outside world.

This is also why Mintmark has set up its R&D center in Silicon Valley, USA, and it has never been announced before. With special approval from the company, this is the first time that part of the main computer room in the MCbot’s data center has been on display, so that everyone can have a chance to see what the MCbot looks like.

This video will be shown at a recent event, so that everyone can follow in the footsteps of programmers at Mintmark’s R&D center in Silicon Valley, and enter this mysterious place.

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