Literary books and gifts for this new graduate

If you have a smart young graduate in your life, a book always seems like a thoughtful gift. Here are some suggestions.

If you have a smart young graduate in your life, a book always seems like a thoughtful gift.

But, you shouldn’t buy just any old book, says Ron Charles of the Washington Post Reading Club. In his most recent newsletter, he notes that there are better options than the nostalgic “Oh, the places you’ll go,” Dr. Seuss.

WTOP spoke with Charles to get suggestions for diploma-worthy reading material.
If you’re a gift giver who wants to continue giving long after graduation day, consider enrolling your student in a Book of the Month-style club at a local bookstore. like politics and prose.

“It’s kind of an expensive idea, but you can choose between three months, six months, or 12 months,” Charles said. “You can tell them about your graduate and what they like to read, and each month they will personally choose a book for that person and mail it to them.

If you’re looking for a book-themed gift instead, Charles said it might be fun to consider a tote bag that looks like a giant library payment card.

“This is a great gift for anyone who is even slightly bookish, or if you are a bookish person and want a book that talks about you.” I ordered a lot of them to give gifts, ”he said.

For a student who may have a stack of saved novels to read, you may want to consider a magazine subscription which might require a little less time investment. He suggests a subscription to The New Yorker for a major in English or Business week for an entrepreneur.

For someone who wants to get lost in a novel, Charles approves “Homeland Elegies” by Ayad Akhtar. He said it was “a brilliant novel released last year that explores the power of money and debt in modern society and I thought it was the best novel of last year.”

If you know a college student who’s about to head to Silicon Valley to try his hand at coding for a big tech or venture capitalist, think of the irreverent “U is for Unicorn: The ABCs of Silicon ValleyWhat Charles Said “is one of those silly adult alphabet books, and he goes through all the Silicon Valley jokes in the ABC version of a kid.”

And finally, if you’re not sure who your giveaway is, but know the person is a reader, think about something like a moleskine journal book. It’s designed to be, as the company notes, “a detailed, personalized record of every book you read, from novels to non-fiction.”

Sandy Kozel of WTOP contributed to this story.

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