Lawmakers urge state to deny funds to reopen San Francisco school district

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Local lawmakers are urging the state to decline the San Francisco school district’s offer for $ 12 million in reopening funds.

Assembly member Phil Ting, as well as Assembly member David Chiu and Senator Scott Weiner argue that the district did not provide in-person instruction to enough students to meet the requirement.

Earlier this spring, the state set aside $ 2 billion to help schools reopen by May 15.

To qualify for these funds, districts had to offer face-to-face classes for all elementary grades and at least one year of college or high school.

Ting says they also needed to bring back their most vulnerable students, but SFUSD failed to meet two of those demands.

The school district brought back some high school students, but not all by the May 15 deadline.

The district said it has established a hybrid schedule for these seniors and hopes that will qualify them.

In a statement Tuesday, Superintendent Dr Vincent Matthews said: “This phased rollout has enabled us both to provide intensive support to our schools to bring students back to classrooms after a year of distance learning and development. ‘learn along the way. With each successive step, it was not entirely clear whether we had the staff to take the next step. “

The school district did not respond to the accusations in this letter.

Meanwhile, representatives of the teachers’ union want lawmakers to reconsider their position.

“I was so disappointed and really upset. It’s about our San Francisco students, the children and the people they represent, and the San Francisco School District faces a deficit of more than $ 57 million next year. “

Assembly Member Ting said he wanted to send a clear message with the letter.

They expect a full reopening in the fall, which the school district says it is committed to doing.

Over the next few weeks, the state comptroller and superintendent will determine whether or not SFUSD is eligible for reopening funds.

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