Large Bay Area Company Recognizes Benefits of Permanent Work From Home Setup


One of the largest companies in the Tampa Bay area is selling its huge head office and allowing many of its employees to work from home.

Kforce President Joseph J. Liberatore said: “The pandemic has permanently changed the way we work and has shown our ability to thrive from a distance.”

Kforce is a recruitment and professional services company that employs approximately 600 people on Palm Avenue in Ybor City. The company says it will acquire a new headquarters in the Tampa Bay area with a smaller footprint.

Kforce joins a growing number of companies deciding that more employees can work from home even after the pandemic.

Tampa’s Toni McElreath was having twins as her company decided employees would work from home.

“By working from home for me, I become part of the baby’s morning routines and then log in,” the account manager said.

The twins, Luke and Londyn, are now 7 months old. McElreath’s workday can start early, stop for a doctor’s visit, and start again late. “And I’m able to catch up on emails late,” she continued.

She’s going to miss some things on the desk.

“But in the office, are you going to be able to go for a walk in Bayshore, or walk the dog, or even take your babies for a stroller ride?” she asked.

McElreath believes she’s more productive at home using technology and a flexible schedule. More and more companies agree.

“Organizations absolutely see that their employees are more productive,” says Pamela Chandler Lee, who leads the MBA program at St. Leo University. “And the reason they’re more productive is because they work longer hours.”

Lee says people returning to their offices should expect changes and that new office buildings are designed differently.

“When you have to get into these office buildings, there’s more space and maybe that changes the look of the cubicles,” she said.

Lee warns that managers and employees will have to watch out for a new kind of burnout as people work flexible hours day and night.

McElreath knows the years to come will be busy raising twins and managing a career from home.


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