Key Founders and Tech Executives Support New Seed Investment Network by VC Tidal Ventures

Venture fund Tidal Ventures has brought together a supergroup of the smartest, most successful tech company founders and senior executives to launch a new investment network called Tidal’s Expert Network (#ten).

Members # 10 invest in Tidal’s seed fund, connect with each other and the VC, and offer support to its founding community.

A pilot program for #ten has been underway for six months, with notable members such as the founders of Instacluster, former Uber product manager Nick burton of Lime & Tonic, Stefan Cordiner, director at Xplor and formerly at Airbnb and Hotel tonight, as good as Callan Schebella and Roger venning of Five9, the founders of Lendi, and ex-CMO International for StubHub, Jess tassel.

Several founders and senior executives in Tidal’s portfolio, which includes Dispatch, PredictHQ, FrankieOne, Mapped, Sajari, Operata, and Aerobic, have also committed to join the network.

Members can determine their own level of contribution, including participating in the community, sharing their expertise, creating operational resources and directly supporting the founders.

General partner of tide Wendell Keuneman, former product manager at Atlassian and founder of the series, said #ten members were overwhelmingly motivated to provide support to start-up founders and give back to the tech industry.

“The network increases our team’s support to our founders portfolio, bringing additional operational capabilities to the table,” he said.

“There is a great diversity of expertise within #ten, particularly in product and marketing, two areas that can generate significant start-up opportunities. ”

Keuneman said that despite the current high levels of technological investment a significant funding and support gap remains at the start-up stage for startups.

Tidal Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that invests in ANZ founders led by products destined for international markets. It has two main funds: Seed and Follow-on & Opportunity (“FOO Fund”).

The latter fund tracks the best performances of the Seed Fund and invests in international seed opportunities as well as in companies that Tidal missed in the initial seed stage that nonetheless align closely with its mandate. The tide team has collective experience at Atlassian, Yahoo, Inference Solutions, Rackspace, Broadsoft, Bailador Technology Investments and Bain & Company.

Lendi co-founder Mark Kalajzich said he was immediately on board when he heard about #ten.

“A founder’s journey can be fraught with pitfalls and we made many mistakes in Lendi’s early years,” he said.

“We were held back from doing so much more thanks to amazing humans who helped us by giving us advice on strategy, capital raising and product, throughout the process. If I can help just one founder on his journey, I will be very grateful ”.

Founding member #ten Jess Tassell said it was a great opportunity to reconnect with peers and start-ups after a decade abroad.

“I have been fortunate enough to see what ‘big’ looks like in terms of operating and marketing large-scale online businesses in the United States and Europe, and I see an opportunity to share these learnings with the community. Tidal community, ”she said.

One aspect of Tidal that sets it apart from other local VCs is having a general partner, Andrea Kowalski, permanently based in the United States.

Kowalski said #ten aims to reflect this trans-Pacific approach, connecting the Australian and American ecosystems and supporting the founders with international expansion and ideas.

“Our biggest impact on the Seed to A journey is to help our founders develop traction in the market”, she said.

“The network also offers its members the opportunity to access compelling feedback at the Seed Stage, while activating and supporting the ecosystem, and championing Tidal’s mission and vision.

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