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Donald Trump may have inundated Ivanka Trump with adoration her entire life and given her a job in the White House, but none of that would stop her from cooperating with prosecutors if it kept her from getting out of prison, Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, said.

“She’s much less likely to stay loyal than Allen Weisselberg,” Mary Trump said in a recent interview with the new abnormal podcast of the Daily Beast. Mary Trump, who shared the secrets of the Trump family in her 2020 book, “Too Much and Never Enough,” refers to the Trump Organization chief financial officer who was indicted last week on tax evasion charges related to the former president’s real estate development company.

Ivanka Trump listens to President Donald Trump speak at an event on human trafficking in the East Room of the White House on Friday, January 31, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo / Evan Vucci)

Prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office want Weisselberg to turn on her former boss, but Mary Trump said her cousin, Ivanka, would have even more motivation to cooperate with prosecutors than the longtime CFO. Prior to working for her father in the White House, Ivanka Trump worked with her brothers, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, as executive vice president of the family business.

While Mary Trump said it was hard to believe Ivanka Trump would turn on her father in a “low-rent” Shakespearean movement, she noted that all relations between Donald Trump and his four adult children are “transactional. and conditional “.

“Allen had a pretty cushy gig where he was,” Mary Trump said on the podcast. “And I’m thinking a bit in the grand scheme of things, as counterintuitive as it sounds, I think Ivanka has one, more to lose and, two, more to hang on.” Her husband’s family is legitimately very wealthy.

This 2017 photo shows then-President-elect Donald Trump, CFO Allen Weisselberg and son Donald Trump Jr., right, at a press conference at Trump Tower in New York City. (AP Photo / Evan Vucci, file)

Ivanka Trump is married to Jared Kushner, with whom she has three young children. Kushner himself has a reported net worth of approximately $ 800 million and his family-owned real estate company, Kushner Companies, owns and operates $ 7 billion in real estate assets across the country.

Meanwhile, Trump’s brother least likely to turn against the Patriarch is his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., Mary Trump has suggested. Over the past four years, Trump Jr. has become one of his father’s most ardent political supporters and a popular representative himself of the conservative ideology of MAGA.

Under all of Trump Jr.’s Twitter bravado, he’s “broken” because of the way his father treated him growing up, Trump said.

“It’s never a good thing in the Trump family to be the oldest son,” said Mary Trump. “Donald had this fascination with Ivanka since she was little and had no use for his sons. … Like his father before him, Donald was very, very hard on Donnie.

For Trump Jr., it may still be important for him to get the attention he always “wanted” from his father, which is why he can stay loyal, suggested Mary Trump.

Another Trump biographer has also said Ivanka Trump could be in serious legal danger. In fact, she potentially faces the same kind of problem as Weisselberg because she allegedly did the same kind of things the CFO is sued for, author Michael D’Antonio told CNN’s Jim Acosta.

“The other person who I think is in danger is Ivanka Trump,” D’Antonio said, explaining that the Trump family business looks more like an organized crime operation than a regular business.

“One of the things Allen Weisselberg has trouble with is taking money as an entrepreneur and then claiming self-employment status so he can get some of the pension benefits that the taxes allow for the self-employed, ”said D’Antonio, author of the 2015 book,“ Never Enough ”.

“Well, we know Ivanka Trump received some pretty large sums as compensation for non-employees,” D’Antonio told CNN. “It freed the Trump Organization from paying some of its taxes, and it put it in a statute that I think the IRS would have a lot of questions about. So these people don’t know how to play the game directly. I think everything they do is crooked.

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