‘It’s all the same’: Why San Francisco doctor says coronavirus vaccines should be the focus, not the types of variants

San Francisco (KGO) – The highly contagious Delta mutant is currently the predominant strain in the United States. From Missouri to Kentucky to Utah, much of the United States is in the midst of a summer wave of COVID.

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Dr George Rutherford, an epidemiologist at the University of California, San Francisco, said of the current outbreak: “I thought I would have taken a little more break and continued the descent until August.” He says the omitted pauses between flare-ups that are occurring in parts of the country are briefly explained.

“If more people are vaccinated in these states, or if they gain immunity more naturally, there will be less infection. The fewer infections there are, the fewer mutations there are.

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Dr Rutherford says all three replications of the coronavirus can mutate into a more contagious variant that can evade immunity.

“What we are seeing is a variation of the prevalence of concerns,” said Pavitra Roychodley, who works in the University of Washington virology lab. “We’re monitoring these frequencies over time, and it seems to suggest something more contagious, so it’s clear what seems to be increasing rapidly. I’m worried. “

Roychoudhury has been working on the genomic sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 since the start of the pandemic.

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The university this week published a study on a variant of epsilon (sometimes known as the California variant), suggesting that the vaccine could be avoided. However, this variant has not been widespread since the start of the study.

“A few months ago the epsilon variant accounted for almost 40% of the highest level samples, but then gradually declined and was replaced by the alpha variant. More recently we have also seen the gamma variant. The frequency of delta variants is increasing. “

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It’s hard to say which variant is better than the other, but Dr Rutherford says it doesn’t matter. “If you get sick with Delta, epsilon, alpha or whatever, they’re all the same. You have the same chances of being hospitalized, but you can get seriously ill. But the secret is to get infected in the first place. I do not have. “

And the way to prevent infection and prevent the spread of the virus is to vaccinate.

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‘It’s all the same’: Why San Francisco doctor says coronavirus vaccines should be the center of attention, not the types of variants

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