Italy creates its own Silicon Valley of agriculture

Italy has given the green light to a major center for the development of green technologies for the agricultural sector. The project, nicknamed without imagination ‘Agri Hub 5.0 ′, will be established in an agricultural area near Pavia at the initiative of the Lombardy region.


The region allocates the domain of Riccagioia to this objective. The management of this is entrusted to a group of companies, which includes Almaviva (ICT Company), Bayer Crop Science, GeoSmartCampus (an agricultural incubator), Esri Italia (a software company) and Olivetti.

The University of Milan also participates, through its Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, as well as the Gallini institute of agricultural engineering.

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The latest agricultural innovations will be developed and tested in the “agrihub”.

The aim is to develop and test the latest agricultural innovations. These include sensors for local irrigation, agricultural drones, digitization of wine cellars and more sustainable chemicals. Each of the partner companies will offer innovations in their respective fields. The estate will also serve as a training center for innovation.

Renowned agricultural area

The Riccagioia complex in Torrazza Coste covers 54 hectares of land and has 20 thousand square meters of buildings. Torrazza Coste is a municipality of 1500 inhabitants in an agricultural area known for its viticulture (Oltrepò Pavese). Wheat, corn and sugar beets are also grown there. Riccagioia, which translates to “Rich Joy,Already called the agricultural Silicon Valley of Italy.

Italy is one of the most important agricultural countries in the European Union. The country generates almost a fifth of the total added value of European agriculture. Eurostat estimates the added value of Italian agriculture this year at 32.2 billion euros. It is more than France, Spain and Germany. Italy manages this with relatively few European subsidies. Among the main agricultural producers in the European Union, Italy has the lowest ratio of subsidies in terms of production and value added.

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