Is Africa home to the next Silicon Valley?

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The Future is an Attitude podcast series presented by Audi features inspiring South Africans who think differently about the future and challenge the status quo by advancing the fields of design, digitalization, performance and sustainability to help us shape the future.

The United States may have Silicon Valley, but there is hope Africa can do better, not a valley per se, but a savannah that finds uniquely African solutions to uniquely African problems.

In this episode, Azania Mosaka and tech entrepreneur, Rapelang Rabana Find out how an increasingly digitized Africa has the potential to change the life trajectory of billions of people through innovation and technological development on the continent.

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We are at a turning point in history … an era in which we will likely see as much progress in the next 15 years as we have had in the last 150.

The digital revolution in Africa is unfolding before us. We are seeing new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things, and millions of new people connecting to the Internet, for the very first time.

African technology is taking center stage – the continent is sparking a new kind of technological innovation and all it takes is a mobile phone and a connection.

So when asked if she thinks Africa has the potential to become the next Silicon Valley, Rapelang Rabana thinks we are sitting on an abundance of opportunities that will change the world.

When we consider the fact that we have a very large size of underserved markets in everything from food to healthcare to clothing, there are much bigger issues that we can focus our attention on. . We can actually do things that fundamentally change the life trajectories of millions and billions of people by the way we apply technology.

Rapelang Rabana, tech entrepreneur, thought leader and founder of Rekindle Learning

Rabana’s faith in Africa’s potential is unwavering.

She believes that Africa has what it takes to jump into a better future and that leveraging entrepreneurial skills and capacities to build better businesses despite our resource constraints proves that we are on the right track.

However, we still have a bit of hard work left and before we can start the conversion on how robotics or artificial intelligence can improve our lives, Rabana believes we need to change our mindsets to understand that technology is at the heart. solution … and it starts with better connectivity, cheaper data and more affordable devices.

We certainly want to be the producers and leaders of our own Fourth Industrial Revolution, there is no doubt about it. It starts with the basics, we need to get more internet connectivity at more affordable rates. So without allowing everyone to have a mobile phone that can be online… we are not allowing people to become participants in this digital economy.

Rapelang Rabana, tech entrepreneur, thought leader and founder of Rekindle Learning

Futuristic, Graeme codrington agrees. As far as he’s concerned, there’s no better place in the world than here in South Africa, to explore the intersection of the past and the future.

He believes that as a first and third world country, South Africa has the opportunity to do something that other countries do not have the capacity to do, which is to imagine l future so that when we look at history we can say that we were the first to do it right and that everyone copied us.

The power of nature can help solve our most pressing problems

In our lifetime we have already started to see electric motorcycles and three-wheelers crisscrossing the continent, electric fishing boats glide over Lake Victoria and Audi’s e-tron range electric vehicles will be available in South Africa in the coming months.

Big data has helped us get to the Moon and will likely help us get to Mars soon. But it can also help us solve our most pressing problems here on Earth, especially if we take inspiration from nature.

As a certified professional in biomimicry – one of only four in Africa – Gamelihle Sibanda spends his time thinking about how we can use the genius of nature to solve human problems and he believes that harnessing the power of biomimicry, artificial intelligence, digitization and big data will help solve some of the most pressing problems of our time.

What do we need to do to survive in this new digital world?

Creative thinker and trend analyst, Dion Chang thinks that the most important thing for all of us is to develop a culture of learning.

He believes embracing new ways of learning and thinking in this ever-changing world is what will save us as a human race, and if we are to meet the demands of the future, we will need a helping hand. – of digital savvy work. , constant innovation and a relentless entrepreneurial spirit.

While computers are going to do a lot of big jobs in the future, Rabana agrees that learning and critical thinking will make us do better in the world.

Education and skills for me is one of those things that Africa needs to solve better than any other continent if we are to truly reap the benefits of our demographic dividend.

Rapelang Rabana, tech entrepreneur, thought leader and founder of Rekindle Learning

The world of tomorrow is before us today and it is an electric and connected world powered by progress.

The future of mobility is electric

Audi is extremely proud of the many automotive moments where the four rings have advanced premium mobility for customers – quattro all-wheel drive, innovative LED lighting design and aluminum space frame technology, to name a few – a few. This progress is not slowing down, it is accelerating. Audi is committed to an electric future and with the introduction of the all-electric e-tron range in South Africa in 2022, the future of mobility is here. Digitization, design, performance and sustainability are key features that make up Audi’s e-tron range of electric vehicles and will soon advance the driving experiences for many South Africans locally.

Visit to see why Audi’s new e-tron range is the next exciting step towards a progressive future.

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