Interior regions receive excessive heat warning

Temperatures could climb a few degrees warmer than expected in remote parts of the interior of the Bay Area, as a weekend heat wave that will only cook those areas sets in on Thursday.

The latest heat will be most brutal in Brentwood and Antioch in the eastern part of Contra Costa County and Livermore in the interior of Alameda County. The thermometer is expected to exceed 100 degrees in Brentwood and Antioch on Thursday, and Livermore is expected to exceed it on Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

By Saturday, Brentwood could reach 110 degrees and Livermore 104, forecasters said.

The weather service issued an excessive heat warning for those areas starting Friday and said it would continue through the weekend. Residents of these areas were encouraged to limit outdoor activities, drink plenty of fluids, and stay in air-conditioned areas.

The state’s independent system operator has given no indication that the heat could affect the state’s power grid or create power shortages.

The excess heat is coming from a high pressure system that has set in in eastern Nevada. California’s interior valley experiences most of this high pressure, but it is far enough away from the Sierra Nevada that the marine layer near the coast remains relatively unspoiled, the weather service said.

So this is that San José should not exceed 90 degrees during the heat period – the maximum forecast for the city on Thursday is 84 – and Gilroy should not exceed 96. These two places should be the hot spots of Santa County. Clara.

In San Mateo County, Redwood City is expected to reach 86 by Sunday. Oakland is not expected to hit 80 degrees at any time this weekend, while San Francisco and Monterey are expected to stay below 70 degrees.

These temperatures are warmer than they have been for the past two weeks.

“The coasts will be warmer, but that’s a relative term,” meteorologist Brayden Murdock said. “It will still be comfortable there.”

Forecasters said a calm recovery is expected on Monday.

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