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“Impervious is working to standardize privacy protection and censorship for all software developers through a native Bitcoin programmatic layer where these features are not enforced but inherent in the technology stack itself,” said Christopher Calicott, Managing Director of TVP.

As an example of what can be developed using the Impervious API, Impervious launches a dynamic VPN that leverages the Lightning network to provide on-demand, high-bandwidth VPN services. The Impervious API can operate behind hostile networks and access denied areas by using the Lightning Network as a transport and credential exchange layer to establish secure peer-to-peer channels for communications. censorship-resistant data.

Applications built on the API include peer-to-peer streaming video, podcasts, live events, news reporting, distributed storage, and VOIP-based communications.

Waterproof CEO, Chase perkins elaborated;

“There are only two plausible futures. One where centralized intermediaries and gatekeepers have more discretionary control over your life and affairs. The other is where they have much less. this last.”


Raincoat builds Bitcoin’s third programmatic layer to enable secure, streaming, and censorship-resistant applications – via Impervious API and VPN.

Twitter: @ImperviousAi

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Trammell Venture Partners is a Austina start-up venture capital firm based on investments in highly technical companies in three key areas, including native Bitcoin technologies, security and privacy technologies, and applied AI. Today, TVP is focused on supporting founders by leveraging the different layers of the Bitcoin protocol stack through the industry’s first native Bitcoin mandated venture capital fund.

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