Icicles in San Francisco rolls ice cream with unlimited toppings

SAN FRANCISCO– Icicles in San Francisco is one of the few places in the Bay Area where you can try the new sensation, rolled ice cream.

“The idea actually originated in Southeast Asia, specifically in Thailand,” recalls Icicles co-owner Oscar Tolebo. “The owner went on a trip, saw the concept and brought it back to the Bay Area and now it’s all over.”

Rolled ice cream starts with a thin layer of ice cream spread on a frozen pan.

“We take it at its nascent stage, says Tolebo. “It’s in a liquid.”

Once the liquid has solidified, an ice cream maker rolls up the layers into perfect spirals.

“The process we use and the thickness of our ice cream actually makes it much creamier than any other ice cream you’ve ever had,” Tolebo says.

Each ice cream is made to order right in front of the customer.

“When you go to an ice cream shop, usually you see them just pop out of a dispenser, put it in the cup, and then they sprinkle some toppings on it,” says rolled ice cream enthusiast David. “But here you can see the workers really making this. It’s an amazing experience just to watch.”

Customers can choose a dairy or non-dairy base, then finish their rolled treat with their choice of unlimited toppings.

“Honestly, rolled ice cream is crazy,” says customer Bree Winslow. “I think ice cream makes me feel better, all my problems probably go away.”

“It’s just the next evolution of ice cream, it’s exciting,” Tolebo shares. “I think it’s just fun and super tasty.”

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