Hundreds of firefighters respond to fires in the Bay Area during an extremely hot weekend

LIVERMORE, Calif. (KGO) – Firefighters battled several fires over an extremely hot weekend in many areas of the bay.

“The conditions are definitely a lot more intense for them,” said Chelsea Burkett, CalFire firefighter.

Deep in the hills between Livermore and Brentwood, firefighters worked for hours to contain the Diablo blaze.

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According to CalFire, they started receiving calls around 9:30 a.m. and more than 100 firefighters were needed for this incident.

The rapid fire swept through the meadows scorching 128 acres with 98 degree heat.

“It’s just an indication of what kind of fuel we have right now. The high heat, low humidity makes the vegetation really susceptible to fire,” said Burkett.

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In San José, another grass fire. Firefighters responded to the blaze near Rocksprings Park. A plume of smoke reminded everyone in the area that fires can ignite at any time.

Another concern this fire season is fires caused by illegal fireworks. We saw it in Antioch.

“It ruined my house, it ruined everything. Everything I own is in my lawn. For what? I don’t even understand why they are doing this. It does not make sense. We are in a drought and they’re blowing it up like it’s a game, ”said Robin Anderson, a resident of Antioch.

The teams confirmed that fireworks were going off on Saturday night near Robin Anderson’s home.

“A few hours ago we responded to a fire in Pittsburg, and recently we were on a street with fireworks that caught grass and vehicles on fire,” the Antioch firefighter said. , Scott Valencia.

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Illegal fireworks have become a problem throughout the Bay Area. At Concord, they are now relying on technology to stop this business. They created the Concord Connect app, giving residents a digital space to report illegal fireworks.

“He places a pin on a map. When we start to see clusters like, say, on Concord Boulevard and Bailey Road, then we know we can focus on that area and we can tell our patrol officers,” Lt. Greg Rodriguez of Concord said. Police.

Between July 1 and July 7, Concord police received nearly 800 reports of illegal fireworks. About 500 of those reports went straight to their application, they hope this will help prevent fires caused by illegal fireworks this season.

The Diablo Fire and the San Jose Fire near Rocksprings Park are under investigation.

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