Horse Escapes Racetrack, descends the Kentucky Highway – NBC Bay Area

A 2-year-old filly let loose before a race on a Kentucky track and raced on a freeway alongside cars before being apprehended on Saturday.

The filly named Bold and Bossy got loose on her way to the starting gate at Ellis Park. Jockey Miguel Mena has been sent off.

She then left the track and crossed a sea wall toward US 41. Bold and Bossy briefly ran on Interstate 69 and Veterans Memorial Parkway, with a group of coaches chasing her in their vehicles. The police and the sheriff’s department also showed up.

“Thank goodness for all the people who rushed to find her because she left town,” said owner-trainer Michael Ann Ewing of Lexington.

Ewing said Bold and Bossy lost two shoes and a rear hoof knocked flesh from the heel of a front foot during her jaunt, but she was not seriously injured. The trainer said the filly was having cramps from dehydration when she was finally surrounded by a man and his wife.

Bold and Bossy wore her saddle and blinders to restrict her vision as she galloped down the freeway near vehicles in other lanes. The blinders probably made his arrest more difficult, said Jack Hancock, a trainer who pursued him.

“She couldn’t see anything next to her, which made it a little worse for trying to grab her,” he said. “I’ve been here all my life and never seen one to do a race like this, not that far and not so much on the highway. “

Horses that let loose on a race track often return to the familiar surroundings of their barn, but Bold and Bossy had come from Lexington to participate in a race for the first time.

“She didn’t know where to come home,” Hancock said.

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