GWT Finishes and Wins First Prize for Silicon Valley’s Leading Water Accelerator

Ellie Barker (Program Manager, Accelerator) of Imagine H2O commented “With unmatched technology and a top-notch team, we are delighted to welcome GWT to our 2021 cohort. The team immediately jumped in and took full advantage of this. that the program had to offer – actively participating in sessions, showcasing their technology to major program sponsors, and engaging with 19 mentors from our network. Not to mention the fact that they were a lot of fun working with them! We are delighted to continue our collaboration in the years to come – we know great things are coming. ”

About Gross-Wen Technologies:
GWT is a wastewater treatment technology company that uses algae instead of bacteria or chemicals to recover nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater. Algae is considered the most sustainable way to treat wastewater. In fact, during the treatment process, algae consume CO2 of the atmosphere, then CO2 containing algae is used as a slow release fertilizer. What makes GWT unique is its algae-based treatment solution called the Rotary Algae Biofilm System (RAB), which is considered by many experts to be the best algae treatment system in the world ( 6 patents issued). The company was founded by Dr. Martin gross and dr. Zhiyou Wen and is based on a technology they developed at Iowa State University.

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About Imagine H2oh
Imagine H2O is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people to deploy and grow innovation to solve water issues on a global scale. The organization’s Water Innovation Accelerator provides entrepreneurs with the resources, information and visibility to launch and scale water solutions. By partnering with industry and policy experts and a global network of clients and investors, Imagine H2O has become a proven route to market for emerging water technology companies. Since 2009, the organization has supported more than 150 startups that have deployed their solutions in more than 50 countries and have raised more than $ 800 million in start-up investment.

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