Golden Nuggets: Jimmy Garoppolo trade looms on the horizon

The big news you’ve all been waiting for happened on Wednesday: The 49ers have re-signed Tom Compton. Nothing else needs to be done now, right? Have a good day of the draw.

Curran: Jimmy G’s homecoming seems almost inevitable now

When Garoppolo wasn’t hurt, he wasn’t quite what Shanahan liked either. Yeah, they got to a Super Bowl. Almost won the thing. But Shanahan was never satisfied with him. Too sloppy with the ball. Too slow to decide. Too prone to injury. All of these things might be true, but I bet lodged somewhere deep within Shanahan’s subconscious is that he sold himself a commodity.

I found it absurd that the Niners were asking for a first round for the very expensive and terribly brittle Garoppolo. Second turn? Almost as ridiculous. Although they’ve been telling their little football lies all the time – the current one being that they’ll be keeping Garoppolo this year – they need to get rid of him. They can get next to nothing and must like it.

49ers rumors: SF has ‘consensus’ on No. 3 pick amid Mac Jones buzz

ESPN’s Todd McShay reported on Monday that San Francisco was divided over which quarterback to take: Head coach Kyle Shanahan preferred Jones, but the scouting service was pushing for Lance.

Shanahan was in pro-day practice for Jones, Fields and Lance.

By ESPN Dan Graziano, the 49ers were “extremely involved” in Lance’s pro day on April 19, including having him work with quarterback coach John Beck at Shanahan’s request.

49ers re-sign Tom Compton

The 49ers announced on Wednesday they have re-signed the offensive lineman Tom compton to a one-year contract.

He appeared in seven games with three starts after joining San Francisco as a free agent in 2020.

Compton, 31, entered the NFL as the Washington soccer team’s sixth-round pick in 2012. He spent four seasons with Washington.

Compton then spent a year in Atlanta, a year in Chicago, a year in Minnesota and a year with the Jets.

He has played 106 games with 37 starts along the offensive line in his nine seasons.

Matt Maiocco: I think the 49ers want to close the Jimmy Garoppolo deal in the next few days

“I think they’re going to try to do something in the next few days here,” Maiocco told Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports Boston. “It’s a weird situation because you’ve already reported that he’s got a foot in the door, you don’t want him long term on your team, so it’s a weird dynamic where, you really expect that. for Jimmy Garoppolo to appear. your quarterback for the 2021 season while treating the young man behind him?

49ers’ pick at No.3 is tipping point for Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch – San Francisco 49ers blog – ESPN

But it’s easy to see why Shanahan might like Jones, which fits Shanahan’s preference for a passer who can win out of pocket. Jones managed to throw out of the numbers (a 98.0 QBR on such throws is the highest of any Power 5 qualifier in the past 10 seasons) and to throw to deep (he had a perfect 100.0 QBR on throws over 20 yards in 2020), both areas the 49ers haven’t used much under Shanahan (26th in QBR outside of the numbers and the fewest passing attempts over 20 yards).

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