Fremont approves plan for 111 new affordable apartments near BART – Silicon Valley

FREMONT – A six-story apartment complex offering 111 affordable units is expected to be built near a planned future BART station in the Irvington neighborhood of Fremont.

Maracor Development received approval from the city’s zoning administrator earlier this month to build the complex on plots adjacent to 41829 and 41975 Osgood Road. Apartments will be available to people earning around 30% to 80% of the median income in the area

The two plots total 1.37 acres and each is currently occupied by a house which will be razed.

Fremont City Council approved a $ 6 million loan in April to help support the project as it helps the city meet its regional affordable housing goals. It is located in a “transit district” of the city, within walking distance of the future Irvington BART station and less than a quarter of a mile from bus stops, according to a report from city staff.

“We want to place high density projects close to public transport and this project is definitely eligible,” city planner Mark Hungerford said on Monday.

The complex will consist of 112 units, including one reserved for a building manager, spread over five floors above a parking level. The units will be 50 studios, 32 two-bedroom apartments and 30 three-bedroom apartments, as well as a yard of approximately 3,900 square feet.

The bulk of the apartments, 64, will be reserved for people earning up to about 60% of the region’s median income, which translates to about $ 82,200 per year for a household of four, according to federal and state guidelines. current income.

In addition, 23 of the apartments will be for people earning up to 80% of the region’s median income, 12 for those earning at most 50% of the median income and 12 others for those earning 30%.

Although the area is zoned for a maximum of 70 units per acre, state law AB 1763 allows a “density bonus” for projects deemed very affordable.

State law that encourages affordable housing also allows the city to let the developer build only 72 parking spaces and 10 motorcycle spaces, less than what is otherwise allowed by city standards.

The apartment complex will be located approximately 200 feet from the southern edge of the future Irvington BART station, which is expected to be built near the corner of Osgood Road and Washington Boulevard.

The long-planned station is not expected to be ready until 2026. It will be largely funded by $ 120 million from the Alameda County BB measure, which voters approved in 2014, and $ 2 million from the measure. Regional 2 of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, according to BART.

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