Former OnDeck CEO Noah Breslow Joins Bain Capital Ventures as Operating Partner

Matt harris, a New York-based financial services-focused VC, is pleased to welcome Noah breslow at Bain Capital Ventures as an operational partner.

Harris notes that Noah is “a fintech legend and a gifted mentor to the founders.”

He adds:

I can’t wait to work with him again.

Noah Breslow, former president and CEO of OnDeck, initially said (when offered the job) that he was “more of a technician” and that working at a loan company might not be for him. suit.

As mentioned in a Bain Capital Ventures blog post, this was the first professional conversation the company had with Breslow, who is a “close friend of mine” of Matt Harris.

But before Breslow joined Bain, they hadn’t worked as colleagues. As noted in the Bain Capital blog post, “depending on how this conversation went, I (Matt) was stuck in the friends zone for sure.”

The blog further revealed:

“It was 2007, and the worlds of the ‘end’ and ‘technology’ still seemed miles apart. And Noah was, for sure, a legitimate technician – CS of MIT; interned at Netscape in 1996; design of satellite communication systems; and led marketing and product for a departing software startup. Luckily, Noah concluded that applying sophisticated technology to loans could be as exciting as all of these other endeavors, and he eventually joined OnDeck, where he first led products and technology, then eventually became CEO.

Over the years, OnDeck has pioneered the use of data analytics and digital technology to make reliable, real-time lending decisions and quickly deliver finance to SMEs online. Under Noah’s leadership, OnDeck has provided nearly $ 14 billion in credit to Main Street businesses, “achieved $ 450 million in annual revenue, and provided many of its investors with liquidity in excess of $ 1 billion. dollars – both privately and ultimately as a public company, “the blog noted adding that” at the end of last year Noah sold OnDeck to Enova, and my courting to Noah started again. “

While discussing potential work opportunities, Noah said, “A risky business? Matt, you know I’m more of an operator.

As mentioned in the blog:

“But, of course, special operators like Noah can play a central role in a venture capital firm like BCV, where we strive to find and finance the best entrepreneurs in the world and support them every step of the way. . “

As Matt noted, Noah has been “a far-sighted mentor to many founders over the years, both within fintech and technology in general, and his position as an operating partner at BCV will give him the opportunity to do more of this work. . “

The blog added:

“Our other operational partners, Jeff Williams and Keri Gohman, have shown that this can have a huge impact across the entire venture capital value chain. And, finally, it’s a great perch to see a wide range of the tech landscape and find the next leadership opportunity. So now I’m two for two! Noah is joining BCV this week as an operational partner, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. You can reach him at [email protected] with your next great idea. “

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