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A fire has spread through the rubble of a collapsed condominium in South Florida, hampering relief efforts, officials said on Saturday.

The flames were deep and firefighters could not find their source, Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava told a press conference.

“We are facing very incredible difficulties with this fire,” she said. “It’s a very deep fire. It is very difficult to determine the cause of the fire.

She said 159 people remained unknown for two days after the 12-story Champlain Towers collapsed south of Surfside.

This is the latest news update. AP’s previous story is as follows.

The collapsed oceanfront condominium near Miami sustained “major structural damage” to the concrete slab under the pool deck and required major repairs, according to a 2018 engineering report on the building.

The report was part of a series of documents released by the town of Surfside on Saturday to find one of 159 people who continued to dig through the rubble of the building and remained unexplained after the collapse. At least four people have died.

Surfside Mayor Charles Barckett said firefighters also battled a blaze that appeared to be burning in the underground parking lot of the collapsed building. The smoke created a haze at the foot of the building.

“The car was probably run over, liquid spilled and caught fire, causing this nasty fire,” he said.

Emergency response personnel were monitoring the explosive gas, but did not detect anything, he added.

An engineering report from Morabito Consultants did not warn of the imminent danger of injury, but it is not clear whether any of the injuries observed were the cause of the collapse, but to repair the whole body. Construction issues that highlighted the need for major and costly repairs.

He said the waterproofing under the pool deck failed and was improperly laid flat instead of sloping to prevent water from spilling out.

“The leakage caused significant structural damage to the structural concrete slabs beneath these areas. In the near future, failure to replace waterproofing will exponentially increase the degree of deterioration of concrete. Says the report.

The company recommended replacing the damaged slab with a major repair.

The report also found “massive cracking and peeling” of concrete columns, beams and walls in parking lots. Some of the damage was minor, but the other columns were deteriorated with exposed rebar. He also noted that many of the building’s previous attempts to repair columns and other damage with epoxies have been compromised and unsuccessful due to improper manufacturing.

“Under the pool deck where the slab was infused with epoxy, new cracks radiated from the first crack that was repaired,” the report said.

Abi Aghayere, an engineering researcher at Drexel University, said the extent of damage shown in the engineering report was remarkable. In addition to possible problems under the pool, he was concerned that some areas above the entrance walkway were showing signs of deterioration and that access issues were hampering a detailed inspection, so fixed immediately. I said it should be done.

“Did the supports deteriorate to the point that important structural elements or their connections failed and led to a gradual collapse? He emailed the AP after reviewing the report. “Are there other areas of the structure that have been so badly damaged that you haven’t noticed? “

Where the building once stood, dozens of rescuers used large machines, small buckets, drones, microphones and their own hands to pick up a pile of wreckage in the 12-story South Champlain Towers. It was.

On Saturday, a crane was seen removing debris from rubble from a mountain over 30 feet high. The firefighters were still grappling with smoke that was still smoldering under the rubble.

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava told WPLG on Saturday that the number of unexplained people had not changed. “We are maintaining the status quo,” she said. “I hope this will be our breakthrough day.”

Rachel Spiegel was worried about the latest news regarding her missing mother, Judy Spiegel, 66, who lived upstairs.

“I’m just praying for a miracle,” Spiegel said. “It’s heartbreaking that she’s inside the building.”

Jeanne Ugarte tries to figure out what she feared would be a tragic end for her longtime friends Juan and Anna Mora, and her son Juan Jr., who was visiting his parents in a high-rise condominium. did.

“I know they’re not going to find them (alive),” Ugarte said. “It was too long.”

At the edge of the waves, a few miles north of South Beach in Miami Beach, expectations were expressed as to how quickly the crew could complete difficult but delicate tasks.

“Whenever we hear the sound, we are focusing on the area,” said Miami-Dade Fire Chief Raid Jadara. “It could be just a twist of steel, it could be a lump of rain, but it isn’t the sound of a bang or the human voice in particular.”

According to Barckett, the crew are doing everything they can to save as many people as possible.

“We don’t have resource issues, we have luck issues,” he said.

The flowers left in honor adorned the fence near the tower, and those awaiting news of the research watched from afar, hugging and hugging. The congregation prayed at a nearby synagogue with a few members among the missing.

Miami-Dade Police Chief Freddie Ramirez said authorities were working with the Inspector General’s office to identify the bodies found. Eleven injured were reported and four were treated in hospital.

Miami-Dade Mayor Levin Cava said rescuers were in “extreme danger” walking through the rubble.

“While they are working, debris falls on them,” she said. “We have structural engineers in the field to make sure they don’t get injured, but they’re so motivated that they’re moving forward. “

A teenage girl, Jona Handler, was rescued from the rubble hours after the collapse, but her mother, Stacy Fang, has died. “I am grateful for the compassion, compassion and support we have received,” said a loved one.

“There are no words to explain the tragic loss of our beloved Stacy,” he said.

Authorities said earlier Thursday that the cause of the collapse had not been identified, but Gov. Ron DeSantis said a “decisive response” was needed in a timely manner. In the video, it appeared that the center of the building fell first, and then the section near the beach fell.


Frisaro has been reported from Fort Lauderdale and Condon has been reported from New York. Surfside Associated Press author Terry Spencer contributed to this report.

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