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Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) – Homemade noodle soup is served at one of Fresno’s new food trucks.

“My type is West Coast Japanese,” said Richard Kinton, owner of Kurotaka Ramen.

Black high means black hawk.

Kington’s passion is ramen and his cuisine is known to be authentic.

“The magic is in the soup. The soup makes it really special, ”said Michael Yukimoto.

Members of the Fresno Church in Japan advised Kinton to expose Fresno to his work when he learned the pandemic was affecting his business in the north.

“His business was very strong in the Bay Area, but due to the business closure most of his clients were tech-savvy businesses like the Internet and all of the clients had to shut down. All of his clients are gone, ”Yukimoto said.

As a result, Kurotaka entered the Fresno market and rumors of all the unique dishes began to spread.

“It’s based on Kurotaka’s ramen. The soup is really special. It is a western style soup from Osaka. Everything is done from scratch. It takes about two days to do so owner Richard is proud of it. Soup. ”It was.

According to the owner, it takes time to prepare fresh ramen on a food truck. They also offer fried chicken and say they are grateful to foodies for trying the menu.

“This temperature is great, but people are still buying. I love the people of Fresno, ”Kinton said.

Hot work that fascinates enthusiasts with the taste of Fresno.

You can try some of these unique dishes. Kurotaka Ramen hits Simony Farm on Friday and Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis on Saturday.

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Bay Area Food Truck Kurotaka Ramen Finds New Home in Fresno Serving Ramen Source Link Bay Area Food Truck Kurotaka Ramen Finds New Home in Fresno Serving Ramen

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Enchanting Glenview Bungalow – Silicon Valley https://tagsarea.com/enchanting-glenview-bungalow-silicon-valley/ https://tagsarea.com/enchanting-glenview-bungalow-silicon-valley/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 23:03:24 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/enchanting-glenview-bungalow-silicon-valley/

Welcome to 1465 E. 38th St., featuring vintage artisan charm in the heart of Oakland’s coveted Glenview neighborhood.

This tastefully renovated craftsman retains its charm and offers an enchanting outdoor space.

This residential pocket of central Glenview presents a serene setting on the verge of vitality. Steps from restaurants and amenities, this renovated three bedroom, two bathroom home is ready for modern living in classic style.

The surprisingly bright interior is laid out with an unobstructed line of sight, with natural light from the floor-to-ceiling bay window out front to the formal dining room and graciously updated kitchen.

Redesigned with an affinity for the home’s period architecture, the kitchen mixes granite countertops and white cabinetry, showcasing a plethora of storage with a clean aesthetic. Casual seating can be enjoyed on the peninsula from the granite bar counter to the dining room side.

The master bedroom benefits from a new en-suite bathroom, adding sophistication, style and convenience. The rear bedroom invites you through French doors to the courtyard and the level garden adorned with decks. The third bedroom is accessed by a small staircase, welcoming a restful sleep overlooking the garden to the rear. A full bathroom has a tub and shower combo. For additional office or activity space, the casita awaits your creative ideas under the pergola.

Perfectly polished and enlarged by its enchanting outdoor space, this is a home ready for superlative living in just the right amount of well-appointed space.

Or: 1455 East 38th StreetPrice: $ 1,089,000Visit: 1465-E38th.com Open Sunday June 13 from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.Listing Agents: Anthony Riggins (510) 693-7931, Cal DRE # 01372885 Robert Jones Cal DRE # 01889386

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San Francisco Police Seek Help In Finding Stolen Yorkshire Terrier From Car – CBS San Francisco https://tagsarea.com/san-francisco-police-seek-help-in-finding-stolen-yorkshire-terrier-from-car-cbs-san-francisco/ https://tagsarea.com/san-francisco-police-seek-help-in-finding-stolen-yorkshire-terrier-from-car-cbs-san-francisco/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 22:29:00 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/san-francisco-police-seek-help-in-finding-stolen-yorkshire-terrier-from-car-cbs-san-francisco/

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Gen Z venture capital fund raises $ 1.6 million https://tagsarea.com/gen-z-venture-capital-fund-raises-1-6-million/ https://tagsarea.com/gen-z-venture-capital-fund-raises-1-6-million/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 18:19:16 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/gen-z-venture-capital-fund-raises-1-6-million/

A new computer science graduate from San Diego State University has raised $ 1.6 million – largely through her Twitter account – to invest in startups founded by various under-represented people in the world of technology. ‘business.

Paige Finn Doherty, 22, raised the money from angel investors who follow her investment advice on social media. She co-founded Behind Genius Ventures, what she calls a “Gen Z fund,” and has invested in four startups.

Unlike many students who never worked in real jobs until they graduated, Doherty started working at Northrop Grumman at the age of 17, first as an intern and then as a than employed full time. She has held various positions, from project management to technical writing to training groups of interns.

But she decided to switch from technique to entrepreneurship. She joined the university’s venture capital competition with a team of her peers.

His team won the competition, and this experience prompted Doherty to study venture capital investing. She was recruited by one of San Diego’s largest tech venture capital funds to work as an intern.

Throughout this experience, Doherty was building an following on Twitter. She asked her audience what they wanted to learn about investing and developed educational content. It now has more than 14,000 subscribers.

It was from this group of people that Doherty connected with investors who issued checks for his first fund through Behind Genius Ventures. The fund has invested in startups in wellness technologies and software development tools, among others. Doherty declined to disclose the names of the company.

Doherty said Behind Genius Ventures defines under-represented founders as women, people of color, immigrants, LGTBQ + and founders in secondary markets such as non-coastal cities.

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Tri-Valley Executives Aim to Grow East Bay – Silicon Valley Innovation Hub https://tagsarea.com/tri-valley-executives-aim-to-grow-east-bay-silicon-valley-innovation-hub/ https://tagsarea.com/tri-valley-executives-aim-to-grow-east-bay-silicon-valley-innovation-hub/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 15:48:17 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/tri-valley-executives-aim-to-grow-east-bay-silicon-valley-innovation-hub/

PLEASANTON – The Tri-Valley is on its way to becoming a long-term hub for a range of innovative and cutting-edge technology companies – but leaders in the East Bay region still have a long way to go to make this dream come true. .

The necessary work is embodied in what is called “Tri-Valley Vision 2040”, a far-reaching proposal that aims to radically transform the current East Bay dormitory community whose main cities are Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Dublin and Danville.

Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group is leading the charge to create an advanced technology-driven economy that is vibrant and can be sustainable for decades to come, according to Lynn Naylor, CEO of the group.

“The 2040 plan sets a strategic direction for the future that positions the Tri-Valley as a center of innovation,” Naylor said in an interview with this news agency. “We are excited to create an innovation ecosystem here. “

The catalysts for innovation belong to a diverse group, according to Naylor.

“Life sciences, advanced manufacturing, software are all here,” Naylor said. “The region is really booming.

The area is enhanced by huge shopping malls such as Bishop Ranch Business Park in San Ramon and Hacienda Business Park in Pleasanton, as well as legendary magnets for innovation such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories, all two based in Livermore.

The challenges for the region are clear, but the solutions could be complex.

“You have to have an economics playbook that shows how you’re going to do a better job of attracting business, creating better infrastructure and improving education,” Naylor said. “We also need to address housing and ways to create more walkable communities. “

The Tri-Valley 2040 plan has five key objectives:

– Innovation involving business, transport, new homes and education.

– Affordable housing and inclusive and equitable transport, education and health systems.

– collaboration of the private and public sectors.

– a mix of suburbs and bustling downtown areas.

– a sustainable and resilient economy.

“In the past, the Tri-Valley was known for its vineyards, parks and trails,” said Rich Rankin, director of the office of innovation and partnerships at the Livermore Laboratory. “Today, the Tri-Valley has become a region known for its groundbreaking scientific discoveries, startups and a thriving innovation economy.”

The economic devastation unleashed by the coronavirus outbreak could also serve to create new catalysts for innovation in the Tri-Valley.

“The region is emerging from the pandemic with new perspectives and new ideas that will lead to solutions in clean energy, education, equity and inclusion, and integration of work and life” said Stephanie Beasly of the Sandia National Lab in Livermore.

The operations of numerous tech companies, some of which are true titans, dot the Tri-Valley landscape. Some are familiar names and others have more obscure titles.

“The Tri-Valley region has become a geographically strategic location for businesses to relocate and grow,” said Mark Triska, executive vice president of Colliers, a commercial real estate company.

Google and Lam Research operate the Livermore facilities. Workday and 10x Genomics are headquartered and expanding in Pleasanton. Snowflake and Callidus Cloud are located in Dublin. GE Digital and SAP have large operations in San Ramon.

Workday and 10x Genomics represent two of the recent success stories in the Tri-Valley. Both established their headquarters in Pleasanton and followed the establishment of those roots by sketching out expansion plans.

“We looked at the entire Bay Area to determine where to locate our head office and selected Pleasanton because of its ideal location and affordable price for families,” said Ben Hindson, Co-Founder and Scientific Director of 10x Genomics.

10x Genomics has purchased a site for a new large campus near its head office next to the Stoneridge Mall.

“The region gives us the opportunity to recruit top talent due to its proximity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley,” said Hindson.

The main goals of the Vision 2040 plan are to create a starting point for discussion as well as goals to be accomplished over a period of nearly two decades.

“The plan is really a snapshot of the horizon to give us a real idea of ​​what radical change might look like in the Tri-Valley,” Naylor said.

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VTA Yard Shooter had a history of insubordination and conflict – NBC Bay Area https://tagsarea.com/vta-yard-shooter-had-a-history-of-insubordination-and-conflict-nbc-bay-area/ https://tagsarea.com/vta-yard-shooter-had-a-history-of-insubordination-and-conflict-nbc-bay-area/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 07:42:23 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/vta-yard-shooter-had-a-history-of-insubordination-and-conflict-nbc-bay-area/

According to records released by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, an employee who killed nine co-workers in a May shooting had argued with co-workers at least once and refused to comply with policy violations and VTA instructions. This has confused management on several occasions.

The agency says it is still reviewing thousands of pages of recordings, but the agency released an email and records from Samuel Cassidy’s personal file on Thursday.
The file includes a quote from a visionary VTA employee following an oral feud in January 2020 between Cassidy and one of her colleagues.

“He scares me,” the employee told his boss. “If anyone goes to the post, it’s him.

The agency highlighted these four separate cases involving Cassidy, but a review of NBC Bay area files revealed additional signs of potential problems.

  1. July 16, 2019: Rebellion. Cassidy returned home unpaid for two days for refusing to follow company policy with the two-way radio signature required to do the job.
  2. January 29, 2020: The oral feud between Cassidy and her colleagues was reported to the VTA Employee Relations Department and the VTA Civil Rights Department. In response to a question from her boss, a coworker reported that another anonymous employee said of Cassidy: If anyone goes to the mail, it’s him. The individual declined to name the source of the comment. Further investigation revealed no history of disciplinary action against Cassidy or additional information to explain or substantiate her concerns. The problem was referred to Cassidy’s manager. VTA continues to investigate this incident to see if there are other relevant documents to review and release.
  3. October 21, 2020: Cassidy declined to attend the mandatory CPR recertification course due to concerns about the COVID threat. Many reasonable accommodations were provided to employees, but there was no final solution.
  4. November 28, 2020: No excuse for vacations and inappropriate wireless communication. After struggling to get to work, Cassidy misused the VTA interactive radio for personal communication rather than an operational issue contrary to VTA policy. He quit his job without permission instead of fixing the problem.

A review of the files by the NBC Bay Area research unit revealed more details on the issue of the shooter’s job.

NBC’s Bay Area Raj Mathai speaks with senior investigative reporter Stephen Stock and workplace safety consultant Mike Leninger to investigate recent reports on the history of armed VTA personnel.

When a VTA employee reported an incomplete medical form from a Cassidy doctor in a family medical leave law request last July, he emailed Cassidy asking the doctor to include the missing information. . Sent.

“I refuse to do this,” Cassidy replied. “I’m not going to see a doctor for this detail. I consider this harassment.

The changed VTA employee forwarded Cassidy’s response to another VTA representative.

The documents show that Cassidy was often destructive. In November, Cassidy quit her job without permission and was charged with improper radio communications, as VTA said in a press release.

“So I’m going to work today, but I’m going home,” Cassidy reportedly said on her VTA radio. “If VTA doesn’t have an employee break-in system, I’ll go home. It’s my normal working day. I can use myself as an excuse for the holidays.

But records show Cassidy was not the only one who was reprimanded for misusing her radio. In February, VTA officials wrote that Cassidy had issued an emergency alert on VTA’s wireless system because it was a policy violation and could not get a response.

“Sam has been advised on his code of conduct,” wrote a VTA employee in a February email. “I would like to remind you of our agreement / conclusion, but this action by Sam should never be repeated. A similar violation results in disciplinary action.”

An email from Cassidy after the incident shows her frustration with VTA.

“My actions did not come out of a vacuum,” Cassidy wrote. “This is a response to the abuse of authority by the WPS operations manager who did not publish the vacation request, which resulted in the vacation request being canceled. Abuse grows in the dark. My intention is to expose the abuse by talking about it so that others can recognize it. “
Former San Jose Police Officer Michael Reininger, who now owns his own security and research firm, said Cassidy’s actions were clumsy.

“It has to do with me on a lot of planes,” Reilinger said. “First, he has a consistent history of angry behavior that lasts until February of this year, as well as unruly behavior. Each incident is consistent with the previous incident, but. No one seems to take this seriously. “

After reviewing VTA’s records, Reilinger wonders if VTA could do more to intervene.

“Based on the documents they provided, the decisions they made were woefully inadequate, and Cassidy could literally continue that way,” Reilinger said.

VTA Yard Shooter had a history of insubordination and conflict – NBC Bay Area Source link VTA Yard Shooter had a history of insubordination and conflict – NBC Bay Area

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UC San Francisco team discovers how Alpha variant hides immune defenses https://tagsarea.com/uc-san-francisco-team-discovers-how-alpha-variant-hides-immune-defenses/ https://tagsarea.com/uc-san-francisco-team-discovers-how-alpha-variant-hides-immune-defenses/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 01:23:00 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/uc-san-francisco-team-discovers-how-alpha-variant-hides-immune-defenses/

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – The fast-spreading Alpha variant now accounts for two-thirds of COVID infections in the United States, and researchers at the University of California at San Francisco have made a discovery that helps explain why.

The variant, known by the scientific name B.1.1.7, has swept the world since it was first detected in the UK late last year.

According to a new study from UCSF, the variant carries a genetic mutation that acts like a viral “smoke grenade”, temporarily hiding the virus from the immune system for several hours.

The mutation allows the Alpha variant to take a step ahead of the body’s defenses, according to molecular biologist Dr. Nevan Krogan, co-author of the study.

“In a very sneaky way, the virus lowers the immune response, allowing the virus to grow further in our cells,” Krogan said. “This is a big reason, in our opinion, why we are getting increased transmissibility and ultimately increased mortality with this Alpha variant.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated Thursday that the Alpha variant was responsible for 66% of COVID infections in the United States from April 11 to 24. This represents a massive increase since December, when the CDC estimated that the variant was only 0.2%. American cases.

While much of the research on Alpha and other variants has focused on mutations in the spike protein, Dr. Krogan and colleagues have focused their efforts on the genes buried inside the shell. viral.

They discovered one, known as Orf9b, which produces large amounts of a protein once the virus enters a human cell. These viral proteins effectively obscure the body’s alarm system like a smokescreen, Dr. Krogan said.

Earlier versions of SARS-CoV-2 produced some of this protein, but the Alpha mutation allows it to generate up to 100 times more, the researchers found. This smokescreen effect lasted for about 12 hours in lab tests before cell defenses recovered.

Dr Krogan’s team performed preliminary research on the Beta and Delta variants, first identified in South Africa and India, respectively.

Both show signs of covering up the body’s alarm system, a protein called interferon that activates the immune system. But these variants don’t use the same gene as Alpha.

“There’s a suppressed immune system, so that’s another smoke bomb. What is it? ”Krogan said.

UCSF researchers have started work to identify the mechanism behind these variants, he said.

“The more we understand how the virus mutates to overcome our defense mechanisms and then manipulates us to increase transmissibility, the better off we will be in terms of finding new strategies to fight infection,” he said.

The good news is that our vaccines still work against all of these variants.

A new study from Public Health England has shown that two doses of the Pfizer vaccine were 93% effective against the Alpha variant and 88% against Delta.

But getting both doses is essential. After a single dose, the Pfizer vaccine was only 33% effective.

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3 takeaways from Knight Vision Capital founder David Wei at the 2021 Global Venture Capital Summit https://tagsarea.com/3-takeaways-from-knight-vision-capital-founder-david-wei-at-the-2021-global-venture-capital-summit/ https://tagsarea.com/3-takeaways-from-knight-vision-capital-founder-david-wei-at-the-2021-global-venture-capital-summit/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 00:20:30 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/3-takeaways-from-knight-vision-capital-founder-david-wei-at-the-2021-global-venture-capital-summit/

Knight Vision Capital founder and former Alibaba CEO David Wei delivered a speech at the 2021 Global Venture Capital Summit on June 10 in Xi’an. He discussed the current venture capital and startup ecosystem, as well as his take on the evolution of the tech and venture capital sectors in China over time.

# 1: The conditions for entrepreneurship are more favorable than ever

Wei said we are living in a golden age for Chinese entrepreneurship. In particular, he was bullish on startups in consumer goods, technology, and life sciences. He pointed out that 15 to 20 years ago, China’s venture capital industry was inextricably linked with the internet industry, with tech companies dominating the finance scene.

But that has changed, with Chinese venture capital focusing on startups in a multitude of areas. “We believe that in the next ten years, at least 100 companies will achieve a market value of RMB 100 billion in each of these areas,” Wei told the Xi’an audience.

Last year, seven consumer goods startups that Knight Vision Capital has invested in went public, four of which have a market value of RMB 100 billion. For reference, over the past three decades, 200 companies listed on Chinese capital markets have exceeded RMB100 billion in market value.

# 2: People matter. Invest in talent and management.

When starting a business, is it more important to define the strategy first and then build the team, or vice versa? Wei explained that for start-ups, building a strong team should be the priority, before determining a strategy. But for companies of a certain size, it’s more effective to set a goal and a vision, and then try to recruit talent who can move those goals forward.

Startups can also benefit from a diverse team with varied backgrounds and skills, Wei said. For example, Xi’an has many talents in IT and engineering, but if a startup is too technical, it will limit the business development of the company. “Ideally, teams should be made up of men and women, young and old, with backgrounds in both the arts and the sciences,” he said.

# 3: Domestic capital has exploded

Chinese entrepreneurs are also benefiting today from a more favorable financing environment thanks to the rise in domestic capital.

“When a company was founded 20 years ago in China, there were almost no local investment institutions. To get investments, you had to be able to speak a little English, because it was the language of investors at the time. But that’s no longer a problem. We can invest even if you don’t speak Mandarin well with a heavy Shaanxi dialect, ”Wei said.

Analyzing the current investment landscape in China, Wei said small and medium enterprises are often overlooked by large institutional investors and foreign capital. This is where the Chinese venture capital and private equity community has an advantage and can seize opportunities. Wei concluded by affirming his confidence in the Chinese startup ecosystem, highlighting Knight Vision Capital’s commitment to high-quality projects in consumer goods, technology and life sciences.

KrASIA Connection offers translated and adapted content published by 36Kr. This article was originally written by Jia Qiang for 36Kr Shaanxi.

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Andy’s Pet Shop makes another move to San Jose – Silicon Valley https://tagsarea.com/andys-pet-shop-makes-another-move-to-san-jose-silicon-valley/ https://tagsarea.com/andys-pet-shop-makes-another-move-to-san-jose-silicon-valley/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 22:05:57 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/andys-pet-shop-makes-another-move-to-san-jose-silicon-valley/

Drivers crossing downtown San Jose to Highway 87 may have noticed something alarming recently: Andy’s Pet Shop on Notre Dame Avenue is locked and emptied.

Fear not, however, as the beloved institution, which opened on the Alameda in 1950, has simply changed locations after about a decade downtown. Known for its iconic neon sign featuring a red-yellow and blue macaw, Andy’s left its perch at 51 Notre Dame Avenue – which is slated to become a mixed-use tower project called Carlysle – and landed at 429 South Bascom Ave. , near West San Carlos Street.

Lissa Shoun and her husband, Eric Bong, took over Andy’s in 2007 and moved it from its original home on the Alameda in 2010 after a disastrous exercise during the Great Recession. Fans have followed the pet supply and treat store, and in recent years it has also become a reliable adoption hub for rescuing pets.

The small storefront on Bascom Avenue – between a medical supply company and Tip Top Liquors – is seen as a short-term home while funds are raised for a larger space to accommodate the adoption center.

Wherever Andy ends up, hopefully there will be room to reinstall the classic panel as well.

LIVE FROM SAN JOSE: The Mission Chamber Orchestra makes a live comeback this weekend to a fitting and beautiful venue, the Portuguese Five Wounds National Church in San Jose. Music director Emily Ray said Sunday’s 3 p.m. concert will feature chamber works by Portuguese and Azorean composers.

The 60-minute concert is free, but social distancing is provided by attendance limited to 300 people, who must wear masks. You can book a ticket on www.missionchamber.org. For those who cannot come in person or prefer to watch from an even greater distance, the concert will also be broadcast live on www.facebook.com/FiveWoundsPortugueseNational Church.

CAMPBELL FOG: As stores and restaurants reopen or increase capacity, headlines have pointed to a shortage of employees in many places. This also appears to be the case in Campbell, which is working to revive its bustling downtown food scene as COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed.

To help keep things running, Campbell City Council recently voted to allow existing parks – that is, the outdoor curbside seating used by restaurants to increase capacity – to stay until to September 30. And the Campbell Chamber of Commerce is hosting a one-day job fair on June 15 for applicants looking for jobs now, including full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs. It runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Orchard City Banquet Hall at the Campbell Community Center, and you can register in advance at www.campbellchamber.net or just show yourself.

BETTER SIGNS FOR THE FUTURE: Around the same time last year, there were signs everywhere that said “Closed due to COVID-19,” but the closed signs have been replaced with more positive messages. The sandwich panel outside the iconic Caravan Lounge on San Fernando Street states, “Now open – masks required.” Hope we start to see more.

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Bay Area Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group unveils its 2040 plan https://tagsarea.com/bay-area-innovation-tri-valley-leadership-group-unveils-its-2040-plan/ https://tagsarea.com/bay-area-innovation-tri-valley-leadership-group-unveils-its-2040-plan/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 15:00:00 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/bay-area-innovation-tri-valley-leadership-group-unveils-its-2040-plan/

Plan provides details on how regions can become globally recognized innovation hubs

PLEASANTON, California, June 10, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – A stand-alone university or UC satellite campus launched to serve as a source of innovation and talent. Develop autonomous vehicle corridors linking regional public transport to employment centers. Adapt Livermore airport to serve future fleets of small semi-autonomous electric air taxis. Create areas of innovation and specialized technology where inventors, investors and manufacturers can converge to bring revolutionary new products to the world. Pilot clean energy micro-grids and storage batteries to provide resilience against climate change.

These are just a few of the bold ideas highlighted in the Innovation Tri-Valley 2040 Vision Plan, a broad plan unveiled today to expand and accelerate economic growth in one of the world’s top destinations. bay area for business, talent and investment while ensuring the area maintains its high quality of life.

The ambitious plan developed by Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group in partnership with the Bay Area Council Economic Institute is the product of an intensive process lasting over a year that has drawn on the thinking of 1,000 business leaders, educators, managers. government and youth from across the region. The main initiatives of the plan are designed to foster strategic growth in a positive and collaborative culture.

“We looked at the entire Bay Area to determine where to locate our head office and selected Pleasanton because of its pristine location and affordable price for families, ”said Ben hindson, co-founder and scientific director of 10x Genomics. “The region gives us the opportunity to recruit the best talents thanks to its proximity to Silicon Valley and San Francisco. “

The plan builds on Tri-Valley’s success over the past 20 years in creating a vibrant and tech-rich region. Encompassing Danville, Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, and San Ramon, the Tri-Valley has recently seen some of the fastest growing jobs and population in the Bay Area. According to a recent report, this includes more than $ 2.2 billion venture capital fueling the region’s burgeoning life sciences, advanced manufacturing and digital software industries.

In addition to emphasizing economic growth and jobs, the Tri-Valley 2040 vision plan emphasizes increasing and strengthening regional and mega-regional transport links and the provision of infrastructure. social and essential linkages necessary to ensure that opportunities are accessible to all.

“This region is a proven epicenter of solutions,” said Lynn naylor, CEO of Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group. “When you combine this positive force with our core values ​​of empathy and inclusion, Tri-Valley’s new vision is a national model. The best talents will continue to seek the work-life balance that this region offers in a unique way, fueled by a balance of urban and peri-urban facilities and a strong culture of innovation. “

The plan’s five ambitious goals include:

  • Globally recognized innovation – for business, transportation, new homes and education

  • Equity and inclusion – from affordable housing to transportation, education and health care

  • Connections and Collaboration – partnerships that integrate the private and public sectors at scale

  • Balanced and diverse lifestyle – a diverse mix of suburban life with vibrant city centers

  • Epicenter of solutions – building the region’s resilience and sustainability

To learn more about the Tri-Valley Innovation (ITV) and the Vision 2040 Plan, click here.

About ITV:
Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group (ITV) is led by business leaders and influencers committed to connecting businesses, research labs, educational institutions and civic leaders in the Tri-Valley region. This collaborative force generates job growth and economic vitality for a region that is globally connected, regionally united and locally unique. Tri-Valley was founded on the idea that if all assets are connected, not only will the region prosper, but the ideas that emerge from it will be revolutionary and have international impact. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Media contact

Marla kertzman, Thoroughbred Communications, +1 408 482 3546, marla@thoroughbred-communications.com

SOURCE Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group

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