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PIX nowHere is the latest news from the KPIX Newsroom. (5-9-21)

North Bay homeowners scramble to prepare their properties for the first fire seasonThe North Bay is one of the hot spots in the face of extreme fire danger and residents are busy clearing space around their homes in anticipation of a drought-induced wildfire season. Da Lin reports. (5-9-21)

In San Francisco’s Chinatown, senior dancers beat Asian hateA group of seniors in San Francisco’s Chinatown are making their own moves against Asian hate crimes with a new rap that’s mostly in Cantonese. Sharon Chin reports. (5-9-21)

As experts question the need for masks in the Bay Area, many remain reluctant to remove themHow comfortable will Californians be to ditch their masks? That’s a question a lot of people are asking these days, as wearing a face mask is becoming more of a choice than a mandate. John Ramos reports. (5-9-21)

Sunday evening, precise forecastThe dry and windy weather continues, says meteorologist Darren Peck. (5-9-21)

Bay Area Heritage: Ancient KPIX 5 Dana King Anchor Sculpture Selected for African American Monument in Golden Gate ParkAncient KPIX 5 Dana King anchor sculpture selected for African-American monument in Golden Gate Park

PIX nowKPIX Newsroom Sunday Morning Headlines

Today’s forecast: the latest forecast from the KPIX 5 weather teamWarming trend, red flag warning continues for Mother’s Day

COVID-19 reopens: San Francisco businesses are thriving again under new freedoms from COVID-19 yellow levelSan Francisco businesses are thriving again under new COVID-19 yellow level freedoms

RED FLAG WARNING: Bay Area homeowners scramble to clear brush and bloom near homes as wildfire season beginsEarly season red flag alert causes Bay Area homeowners to scramble to clear brush and bloom near homes as wildfire season begins

San Jose Brushfire: Raw video of firefighters fighting a large wildfire near 1560 Oakland Rd in San JoseRaw video of firefighters fighting a large wildland fire near 1560 Oakland Rd in San Jose

PIX nowHere is the latest news from the KPIX Newsroom. (5-8-21)

East Bay real estate prices soar in the stratosphereIt’s not just the weather. The hot real estate market is sizzling right now in the East Bay! Da Lin reports. (5-7-21)

Panel chooses Archie Willams as new name for Drake High in Marin CountyA selection committee seeking to rename Sir Francis Drake High School in Marin County made their choice. They want it named after a former teacher, Archie Williams, who also won an Olympic gold medal at the infamous 1936 Berlin Games. John Ramos reports. (5-8-21)

East Bay Fire Departments Prepare Resources for Dangerous Dry SeasonThe Alameda County Fire Department opened the first red flag event of the year with a flag raising and massive inspection operation. Wilson Walker’s Reports (5-8-21)

Spotlight on caregivers: among the heroes of the pandemic, nurses stand outPeople’s health has been destroyed and lives lost in the year-long pandemic. Nurses have been there every step of the way, taking care of their patients both physically and emotionally. Devin Fehely reports. (5-8-21)

Saturday nightMeteorologist Darren Peck explains where the fire risk is greatest and the winds likely to be strongest as the Red Flag weekend continues. (5-8-21)

Today’s forecast: the latest forecast from the KPIX 5 weather teamTemperatures soar amid gusty red flag warning conditions

PIX nowSaturday morning headlines from the KPIX 5 newsroom

Asian-American attacks: New video shows Asian American man hit by pole on San Francisco streetSan Francisco Police said a suspect who allegedly beat an Asian father in Mission Bay also attacked another Asian man the day before.

Rollover crash closes part of the 101 freeway in San Jose on Friday nightPart of the 101 freeway in San Jose was closed Friday night due to a fatal rollover accident. (5-7-21)

New poll shows nearly three-quarters of Asians in California fear violenceAsian Americans, more than any other ethnic group in California, fear violence against them, according to a new poll released Friday. Reports by Maria Medina. (5-7-21)

Sidelined by pandemic, bartenders turn to courier deliveryAs the pandemic dragged on, many bartenders decided the Post offered a better mix of benefits and security than any cocktail bar. Susie Steimle reports. (5-7-21)

Napa Valley winemakers say dry year can survive but fear prolonged droughtMost farmers are worried about their crops as they enter the second consecutive dry year. Winery owners say they may be the luckiest – at least so far. Andrea Nakano reports. (5-7-21)

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Audio-based social startup Clubhouse finally launches Android app https://tagsarea.com/audio-based-social-startup-clubhouse-finally-launches-android-app/ https://tagsarea.com/audio-based-social-startup-clubhouse-finally-launches-android-app/#respond Mon, 10 May 2021 02:33:28 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/audio-based-social-startup-clubhouse-finally-launches-android-app/

Audio-based social start-up Clubhouse has finally released an Android app as the high-profile company saw its popularity start to wane.

The app, initially only available in beta in the US before a wider global launch and release, is, like the iOS version, still by invitation-only. This means that while Android users now have the potential to access the service, they can’t just sign up.

“Our plan over the next few weeks is to gather feedback from the community, resolve any issues we see, and work to add some final features like payments and club building before we roll them out more widely,” he said. declared Clubhouse in a blog post. “As part of the effort to keep measured growth, we will maintain the waitlist and invite system, ensuring that every new member of the community can bring a few close friends.

Clubhouse has grown into one of the hottest tech startups over the past year, with matching venture capital funding. In April, Clubhouse raised a Series C round on a valuation of $ 4 billion after previously raising $ 110 million. Its investors include leading venture capital firms such as DST Global, Tiger Global and Andreessen Horowitz.

Suffice it to say, the company is bursting with cash to spend, which is why its seemingly icy pace in bringing an Android app to market has been surprising. Until recently, even iOS and by invitation only, Clubhouse has found a willing audience.

But lately, interest seems to be waning. After registering 9.6 million downloads in February, the number of downloads fell to around 900,000 in April, according to sensor tower data. The decline in interest also occurs when other social media companies enter the market.

After holding unsuccessful talks to acquire Clubhouse in April, Twitter Inc. launched a rival service called Twitter Spaces on May 3 and immediately made it available to all Twitter users with more than 600 followers. Facebook Inc. also announced in April the release of new audio products, including a Clubhouse competitor called “Live Audio Rooms” over the summer.

While it takes time for Twitter and Facebook to catch up with Clubhouse, both have massive existing audiences they can tap into. The longer the Clubhouse takes on a full Android rollout and retains its invite-only platform, the more likely it is to lose its first-come advantage.

Image: Clubhouse

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Former OnDeck CEO Noah Breslow Joins Bain Capital Ventures as Operating Partner https://tagsarea.com/former-ondeck-ceo-noah-breslow-joins-bain-capital-ventures-as-operating-partner/ https://tagsarea.com/former-ondeck-ceo-noah-breslow-joins-bain-capital-ventures-as-operating-partner/#respond Mon, 10 May 2021 00:41:26 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/former-ondeck-ceo-noah-breslow-joins-bain-capital-ventures-as-operating-partner/

Matt harris, a New York-based financial services-focused VC, is pleased to welcome Noah breslow at Bain Capital Ventures as an operational partner.

Harris notes that Noah is “a fintech legend and a gifted mentor to the founders.”

He adds:

I can’t wait to work with him again.

Noah Breslow, former president and CEO of OnDeck, initially said (when offered the job) that he was “more of a technician” and that working at a loan company might not be for him. suit.

As mentioned in a Bain Capital Ventures blog post, this was the first professional conversation the company had with Breslow, who is a “close friend of mine” of Matt Harris.

But before Breslow joined Bain, they hadn’t worked as colleagues. As noted in the Bain Capital blog post, “depending on how this conversation went, I (Matt) was stuck in the friends zone for sure.”

The blog further revealed:

“It was 2007, and the worlds of the ‘end’ and ‘technology’ still seemed miles apart. And Noah was, for sure, a legitimate technician – CS of MIT; interned at Netscape in 1996; design of satellite communication systems; and led marketing and product for a departing software startup. Luckily, Noah concluded that applying sophisticated technology to loans could be as exciting as all of these other endeavors, and he eventually joined OnDeck, where he first led products and technology, then eventually became CEO.

Over the years, OnDeck has pioneered the use of data analytics and digital technology to make reliable, real-time lending decisions and quickly deliver finance to SMEs online. Under Noah’s leadership, OnDeck has provided nearly $ 14 billion in credit to Main Street businesses, “achieved $ 450 million in annual revenue, and provided many of its investors with liquidity in excess of $ 1 billion. dollars – both privately and ultimately as a public company, “the blog noted adding that” at the end of last year Noah sold OnDeck to Enova, and my courting to Noah started again. “

While discussing potential work opportunities, Noah said, “A risky business? Matt, you know I’m more of an operator.

As mentioned in the blog:

“But, of course, special operators like Noah can play a central role in a venture capital firm like BCV, where we strive to find and finance the best entrepreneurs in the world and support them every step of the way. . “

As Matt noted, Noah has been “a far-sighted mentor to many founders over the years, both within fintech and technology in general, and his position as an operating partner at BCV will give him the opportunity to do more of this work. . “

The blog added:

“Our other operational partners, Jeff Williams and Keri Gohman, have shown that this can have a huge impact across the entire venture capital value chain. And, finally, it’s a great perch to see a wide range of the tech landscape and find the next leadership opportunity. So now I’m two for two! Noah is joining BCV this week as an operational partner, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. You can reach him at [email protected] with your next great idea. “

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The Catholic Roots of Silicon Valley Legend Chuck Geschke https://tagsarea.com/the-catholic-roots-of-silicon-valley-legend-chuck-geschke/ https://tagsarea.com/the-catholic-roots-of-silicon-valley-legend-chuck-geschke/#respond Sat, 08 May 2021 08:22:25 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/the-catholic-roots-of-silicon-valley-legend-chuck-geschke/

“This best part of a good man’s life;
His little acts without name and without memory
Kindness and love. “

—William Wordsworth

The next time you print something from your computer or send a PDF document, you can thank technology innovator Charles “Chuck” Geschke, whose death on April 16 was marked by a wave of tributes in the media. national.

Geschke, a computer scientist turned entrepreneur, is famous for the revolutionary print and document technology that he and his fellow scientist, John Warnock, developed through their company, Adobe Systems. Geschke and Warnock transformed the way the world communicates today.

Although famous for building one of the largest and most admired companies in Silicon Valley, Geschke, son and grandson of typographic photo engravers, born in Cleveland, lived a life reflecting his deep Catholic roots and Jesuits. These beginnings shaped the extraordinary story of kindness, honesty and service that has so distinguished his long career.

I was fortunate enough to work with this Silicon Valley legend as a board member for nine years at Jesuit University in San Francisco. Chuck not only chaired the USF Board of Trustees during a period of change and strengthening, but went on to teach entrepreneurship in the college’s business school.

We were also both founding members of the board of directors of the leadership roundtable, an organization formed to promote best management practices within church-related organizations – a passion that Chuck shared with many Catholic businessmen disgusted by the abysmal quality of church leadership that contributed to the scandal abuse of the clergy.

As I got to know this incredible business leader, I was repeatedly impressed by his humble attitude, his extraordinary listening skills and the fervent respect for other human beings that have always characterized his interactions.

These attributes undoubtedly reflected the loving family that raised Chuck and the one he and his beloved Nan later formed through decades of strong family life. But Chuck was also nurtured by the extensive educational and spiritual training provided by the Jesuit communities at St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland, over three years of training at the Jesuit seminary in Milford, Ohio, and studies at Xavier University in Cincinnati. . At John Carroll University in Cleveland, Chuck taught mathematics while working on a doctorate at Case Western Reserve University. He then completed his doctorate. at Carnegie Mellon University.

It was an Ignatian ability to discern the significance in the mundane events of life that seemed to explain a monumental important but risky decision the newly married Chuck had made in high school. Following a random visit from a former student, Chuck shifted his doctoral studies from mathematics to the new world of computer science. His ability to listen and think prompted a decision that would open up an amazing future in technology that would benefit the whole world.

Geschke Told John Carroll University graduates in 2012 that his Jesuit education “equipped me to face these experiences and achieve dreams I never dared to imagine.” And it wasn’t always good luck, as Chuck discovered in the spring of 1992. Kidnapped at gunpoint in his company’s parking lot, he was held for ransom for several days, shackled and gagged in an abandoned house. He was eventually rescued by the FBI, and his captors were subsequently arrested and jailed.

I once asked him about this traumatic incident and he shyly told me what he had done to stay calm. He said he quietly recited the Rosary, aware that he was unlikely to see his family again, but still blessed with a kind of peace that came over him and an awareness of the divine presence.

While Chuck Geschke’s scientific and commercial success largely qualifies him for a place of pride in the annals of Silicon Valley, it is something else worth celebrating by those of us who belong to. the church he so skillfully and generously served: his extraordinary example of integration. the Christian values ​​of human respect, kindness and justice in everyday life.

If he and Nan have ever sat in front of Christ one day, Chuck said during a presentation to the National Association of Catholic Education a few years ago he wanted to be able to say, ‘We heard you, and we didn’t do it perfectly, and probably not as well as we should have, but we’ I tried. We have tried to listen and do what you asked us to do. “

“And, if I could do that,” Chuck added, “I would be a very happy man.”

[Frank J. Butler is the author of Belonging: One Catholic’s Journey (Orbis 2020) an Illumination Award winning biography. He is an NCR board member.]

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Milpitas City Council Virtual Meeting Heats Up – NBC Bay Area https://tagsarea.com/milpitas-city-council-virtual-meeting-heats-up-nbc-bay-area/ https://tagsarea.com/milpitas-city-council-virtual-meeting-heats-up-nbc-bay-area/#respond Sat, 08 May 2021 08:13:55 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/milpitas-city-council-virtual-meeting-heats-up-nbc-bay-area/

It was a virtual fight during a live city council meeting in the South Bay.

Milpitas Mayor Rich Tran was seen yelling at a council member and then a council member accusing the mayor of intimidation and harassment. Tran said he was just defending a citizen.

Council members tell Damian Trujillo of the NBC Bay Area it has been going on for years and finally hit a tipping point at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

While Milpitas City Council questioned a candidate about a car wash project this week, council member Anthony Phan raised some concerns.

It was then that Tran decided to raise his voice.

“You have to focus,” Tran said in the virtual meeting. “Everyone is watching now. Ask a real question. Can we take a break? It’s a lot. ”

It was then that councilor Karina Dominguez, who had already quarreled with the mayor, tried to come to the defense of her colleague to ask for a break.

It was a request that Tran quickly turned down a few minutes later, Dominguez spoke again

Dominguez told NBC Bay Area she left the meeting after the incident. She called ill at work the next day while still shaking from the incident.

When asked if she thinks Tran is a bully.

“From my perspective, yes. Absolutely, ”she said.

Tran sees it very differently when asked if he’s a tyrant.

“Listen, we have the Robert Rules of Order parliamentary procedure,” he said.

Tran told NBC Bay Area it all started because he came to the defense of an elderly person, who he said was belittled by some board members.

“That people ignore what happened to one of our guests, an elderly person, Mr. Hansen, is simply not true,” he added.

But Dominguez said bullying was the mayor’s model. She says she even filed a complaint with the city manager and the city attorney. But he was told that there was nothing they could do because the mayor is not a city employee as he was elected.

Tran has two more years in his tenure and said after that he’s done with politics.

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Report – NBC Bay Area https://tagsarea.com/report-nbc-bay-area/ https://tagsarea.com/report-nbc-bay-area/#respond Sat, 08 May 2021 06:29:24 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/report-nbc-bay-area/

As more adults continue to be vaccinated against COVID-19, infection rates are dropping across the country.

But according to new figures from the American Academy of Pediatrics, COVID-19 infections in children remain stubbornly constant.

At Live Oak Park in Santa Clara, kites fly on a Friday night and families walk their dogs.

Among adults who spoke with NBC Bay Area’s Sergio Quintana on Friday, they told him they already had at least their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

But not everyone Sergio Quintana spoke to on Friday night is on the same wavelength as to whether they want their children to receive the vaccines if the federal government gives permission.

“I think it’s also safe for children. And we want everyone to get it, ”said Trang Trung, a resident of Santa Clara. “We don’t know about it yet. It’s, it’s, we’ll probably wait, ”said Steve Lee, a San Jose resident.

The hesitation comes as new figures released by the American Academy of Pediatrics have shown that children now account for 22% of COVID-19 infections and account for about 1.2 to 3.1% of hospitalizations.

Dr Grace Lee, a pediatric epidemiologist at Stanford Children’s Health, said if vaccines were approved for children, those infection rates would likely drop as well.

“Having vaccines gives you a huge layer of protection that goes beyond what we can do with masking, social distancing and cohort, etc.”

Lee added that in the Bay Area, the higher adult vaccination rate also gives a layer of protection to children and that these infection rates could drop in the area. But she said she was eager to vaccinate her children and they were also eager to do so.

“I might have a biased sample here, as at least my own kids are really excited about getting the vaccine because I think they see it as a strategy to be able to get back to normal and be able to participate in the vaccine. all of the activities they’ve been missing out on over the past year or so, ”Lee said.

Federal regulators are expected to announce a decision on the use of the Pfizer vaccine for teens 12 to 15 years old next week.

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Experts Explain What Behind Historic California Population Decline https://tagsarea.com/experts-explain-what-behind-historic-california-population-decline/ https://tagsarea.com/experts-explain-what-behind-historic-california-population-decline/#respond Sat, 08 May 2021 06:26:38 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/experts-explain-what-behind-historic-california-population-decline/

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – In 2020, a year dominated by the pandemic, California’s population fell by 182,083. This is the first time in recorded California history that the state’s population has declined year over year.

On Friday, the state’s finance ministry announced a 0.46 percent drop in the population to just under 39.5 million people.

RELATED: Leaving Bay Area: Hundreds of Remote Workers Bite on Tulsa’s Offer to Pay Them $ 10,000 to Relocate

Randy White moved his family from Mountain View, CA to Tulsa, Oklahoma five months ago. “I just decided to take a risk and go to Oklahoma. I was really cramped in our two bedroom apartment.”

White says he found a grant program called Tulsa Remote that gave him $ 10,000 to move out and that he now has a four bedroom house, where he works remotely for the IT department at Stanford. “In my personal experience, actually moving, it was like the Old West, there were U-Hauls all over the place leaving the state.”

In Tulsa, White has room for a home office and can afford to send his daughter to daycare, which he said was too expensive in Mountain View.

RELATED: More People Leaving California Than Moving In: Is The California Dream Dead?

But the cost of living in California and the new work-related lifestyles at home aren’t the only factors in the population decline.

“2020 has been such a unique year. We have had no immigration or very little immigration, we have killed 50,000 Californians and we have not seen so many children born, so it is no wonder we’ve seen a small decline, “said State Senator Scott Wiener, who constantly points out that the lack of affordable housing in California continues to create problems, particularly in the Bay Area.

Of the ten largest cities in California, San Francisco and San Jose experienced some of the largest population declines, while Oakland made modest gains in 2020.

RELATED: Bay Area Exodus: Where Is Everyone Going & Why?

“These are middle-income, working-class people who don’t see a future for themselves here in terms of being able to afford a house. So we need to build a lot more housing in the bay area and in California in general. stop building sprawl and build more in places like San Francisco, Oakland and Walnut Creek, and Burlingame, and San Jose, Cupertino, where the jobs are, where the transit is, ”Senator Wiener said.

According to state data, immigration restrictions during the pandemic resulted in the loss of 100,000 people. But the California Department of Finance said the state is expected to return to slightly positive annual growth.

RELATED: California Reports First Annual Population Decline In History, Down More Than 182,000 People

“Assuming we go back to a normal immigration outlook, we might actually see higher growth than the past two years. I would almost expect people to some extent to catch up with some of the hiatus, ”said Walter Schwarm, the chief demographer. for the California Department of Finance.

As for White and his family …

Kate Larsen: “Is there something that would bring you back to California?”
Randy White: “Maybe family, even if they are planning to move too … It’s really hard to justify the return, especially in the South Bay, it’s so expensive.”

Copyright © 2021 KGO-TV. All rights reserved.

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Silicon Valley is not immune to anti-LGBTQ violence https://tagsarea.com/silicon-valley-is-not-immune-to-anti-lgbtq-violence/ https://tagsarea.com/silicon-valley-is-not-immune-to-anti-lgbtq-violence/#respond Sat, 08 May 2021 01:03:31 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/silicon-valley-is-not-immune-to-anti-lgbtq-violence/

Three years ago, San Jose lawmakers voted to fly a rainbow flag above Chick-Fil-A – an effort to proclaim LGBTQ residents welcome in one of the cities the most progressive in the world. But not everyone shares this sentiment.

“I was walking with my dog, my hair was down but I was wearing my normal boy’s clothes and someone came up (and said), ‘Hey f-word’ and then just left, ” KP said. Eugenio, who identifies as strange, referring to the homophobic insult.

Eugenio, co-founder of the burlesque variety show Sin Circus at the Caravan Lounge, says he was targeted for having long hair.

The venue is one of the few gay shows and bars in San Jose where people can build community without having to change their identities. But that’s another story when the drag queens take the main stage; they take their identities and turn them into larger-than-life character performances for the crowd.

Some queens take stage names when performing, but not Natalia Smüt Lopez – she wanted everyone to know exactly who she was.

Smüt, who was beloved by her friends in the drag community, was killed last month by her boyfriend. He faces murder charges from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

The advocacy group Human Rights Coalition Lists Smüt is at least the 16th transgender and gender nonconforming person killed in the United States this year. The coalition reported four other murders since Smüt. If the murder rate continues, this year will surpass 2020 in the number of transgender and gender nonconforming people killed.

More than 100 people celebrated her life at a rally at Town Hall with flowers, posters and moving testimonies from those who knew her. Overlooking her candle-lit mural, two people hung a pink, blue and white transgender rights flag along the stairs leading to the rotunda with the inscription “End The Violence.”

Two participants in Natalia Smüt’s vigil on April 25 hold up a sign in the colors of transgender pride. Photo by Vicente Vera.

“We really need to draw attention to trans and domestic violence in LGBT relationships,” said Kiara Ohlde, one of Smüt’s best friends. “She just wanted to be loved.”

According to a joint investigation by the Scottish Transgender Alliance and Stop Domestic Abuse organization, at least 45% of 872 transgender people surveyed said that a partner or ex-partner had been physically abusive towards them.

Tuesday San Jose City Council Meeting adjourned in memory of Smüt, a recognition led by Pam Foley, member of the Council. The tower of the town hall and the rotunda will be lit in pink, blue and white from May 7 to 13 in honor of Smüt.

“I have been very sensitive to LGBTQ issues for many years,” Foley told the San José Spotlight. “I had a brother who was gay, who died of AIDS and had a very difficult life. (Anti-LGBTQ violence) happens everywhere and for us to think that we are in this bubble where it is not happening is just plain wrong.

San Jose council members adjourned Tuesday’s meeting in memory of Natalia Smüt.

Ohlde said Smüt was one of the only people she knew in San Jose to have publicly advocated for trans lives and black trans lives.

A 2015 Gallup Poll showed that the LGBTQ community of Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and San Jose makes up about 3.2% of the population, almost half the size of the community in San Francisco.

“(Natalia) was posting about trans lives every day and she called people like, ‘You talk about everything else, but we never talk about trans lives, black lives,” Ohlde said. “I’ve always heard from Natalia that a lot of people in the community don’t care about understanding the issues because it doesn’t affect them.”

Facing discrimination throughout his life, Ohlde said Smüt shared his concerns with him that anti-black and anti-trans discrimination existed in local LGBTQ spaces.

LGBTQ artists painting murals on Post Street, now known as the Qmunity District, commemorated Smüt in the first work of art unveiled on April 30.

LGBTQ artists unveiled a mural in the Qmunity neighborhood of San Jose on April 30. Screenshot of a video from the Qmunity district.

At Tuesday’s meeting, board member Raul Peralez noted that artists had been harassed while painting the mural in recent weeks.

“The fight continues,” he said. “As much as we can show our support, especially as city leaders, it makes a huge difference.”

Contact Vicente Vera at [email protected] or follow him @vicentejvera on Twitter.

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Bet on upcoming startup markets – TechCrunch https://tagsarea.com/bet-on-upcoming-startup-markets-techcrunch/ https://tagsarea.com/bet-on-upcoming-startup-markets-techcrunch/#respond Fri, 07 May 2021 22:30:00 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/bet-on-upcoming-startup-markets-techcrunch/

Welcome back to The TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startup and market newsletter. It is largely based on the daily column that appears on Extra Crunch, but free, and made for your weekend reading. Want it in your inbox every Saturday? Register here.

Ready? Let’s talk about money, startups, and spicy IPO rumors.

Bet on the upcoming startup markets

This week, M25, a venture capital firm focused on investing in the Midwestern United States, announced the creation of a new fund worth $ 31.8 million. As the firm noted in a statement The Exchange reviewed, its new fund is about three times the size of its previous investment vehicle.

I caught up with partner M25 Mike Asem to discuss the round. Asem joined M25 in 2016 after being a partner Victor gutwein led the effort with a small fund of $ 1 million. Asem and Gutwein run the firm from its first material, if technically the second fund.

Asem said his team targeted a fund of $ 25 million to $ 30 million three, which means they were a bit higher than expected in terms of fundraising. This is no surprise in today’s venture capital market, given the pace at which capital is being invested in both venture capital funds and startups.

The investor told the Exchange that M25 has been investing since its third fund for some time, including CASHDROP, a startup that I have heard good things about its growth rate. (More info here about the CASHDROP round in which M25 invested capital.)

All this is good, but what makes the M25 an interesting bet is that the company only invests in startups headquartered in the Midwest. Often when I talk to a fund that has a unique geographic focus, that’s just that, a goal. Unlike the harder and faster rule of M25. Now with more capital and plans to participate in 12 to 15 transactions per year, the group can double its thesis.

According to Asem, M25 has done about a third of its transactions in Chicago, where it is based, but has invested capital in startups in 24 cities so far. TechCrunch covered one such firm, Metafy, earlier this week when it closed more than $ 5 million in new capital.

Why does M25 think the Midwest is the perfect place to deploy capital and generate outsized returns? Asem listed a number of perspectives underpinning his team’s thesis: the economic powerhouse of the Midwest, the network he and his partner developed in the region prior to founding M25, and the fact that assessments can s’ prove to be more attractive in the region at the stage where his firm invests. They are different enough, he said, that his company can generate material returns even with exits around $ 100 million, a lower threshold than most VCs with larger investment vehicles. might find acceptable.

M25 is not the only one to bet on alternative regions. The Bourse also discussed with Somak Chattopadhyay from Armory Square Ventures Friday, a company based in upstate New York that invests in B2B software companies in what we might call post-manufacturing cities. One of its investments has gone public and the group’s last fund is a multiple of the size of its first. The Armory now has around $ 60 million in AUM.

All of this to say that the venture capital boom isn’t just helping companies like a16z raise another billion here, or another billion there. But the generally hot market for startups and private capital is helping even small businesses raise more capital to occupy less traditional spaces. It’s encouraging.

On-demand pricing and insurance play

This week, the exchange spoke with Twilio’s chief financial officer, Khozema Shipchandler, about his company’s earnings report. You can read more about the concrete numbers here. In short, it was a good quarter. But what mattered most to our discussion was Shipchandler who determined where Twilio’s center of gravity will stay. returned terms.

In short, Twilio is best known for creating APIs that allow developers to operate telecommunications services. These developers and their employers pay Twilio as much as they use. But over time, Twilio bought more and more companies, creating a diverse product set after its IPO in the 2016 era.

So we were curious: where does the company fit into the on-demand pricing debate versus SaaS that’s currently raging in the software world? Still in the first camp, despite the purchase of Segment, which is a SaaS service. Per Shipchandler, Twilio’s revenue is still over 70% on demand, and the company wants to ensure that its customers only buy more of its services as they sell more of theirs. .

So startups probably don’t have to give up on-demand pricing as they scale. Twilio is huge and sticks to it!

Then there was the Root revenue report. Again, here are the basic numbers. The Exchange keeps tabs on Root’s post-IPO performance not only because it was a company that we have followed extensively in its late private life, but also because it is an indicator in some way. sort for still private neoinsurane companies. Which matters to his compatriot Hippo, as it is made public via a SPAC.

Alex Timm, CEO of Root, said his business performed well in the first quarter, generating more direct written premiums than expected and better loss rates to boot. The company also remains very cash-rich after the IPO, and Timm is convinced that his company’s data science work has much more room to improve Root’s underwriting models.

So faster-than-expected growth, plenty of cash, an improved economy, and upbeat technology – Root’s stock flies, doesn’t it? No, this is not the case. Instead, Root has taken a bit of a hammer in the public market in recent months. The Stock Exchange asked Timm about the disparity between how he views the performance and future of his business and how it is rated. He said the insurance people don’t always make his technology work, and the tech people don’t always get Root’s insurance business.

It’s hard. But with years and years of money at his current burn rate, Root has more than enough room to prove his critics wrong, provided his modeling holds up over the next twelve quarters. Its stock price cannot be awesome for neoinsurance companies that are still private. Even though Next Insurance was just lifting another stranglehold on cash at another new higher valuation.

Big business spending week

As you read now, Bill.com is buying the Divvy Unicorn for $ 2.5 billion. I’ve dug into the numbers behind the deal here, if that’s your type of thing.

But after collecting the CEO notes of Divvy Ramp and Brex’s competitors here, another comment came up that I wanted to share. Thejo Kote, the CEO and founder of corporate spending startup Airbase made calculations on Divvy results that Bill.com shared with its own investors, arguing that the company’s March payout volume and account active customer imply that “the average volume of spending per customer was $ 44,400 per month. . “

Is it good or bad? Kote is unimpressed, stating that “Airbase’s average spend volume per customer is nearly 10 [times] that of Divvy ”, or approximately“ $ 375,000 per month ”. What makes this difference? The focus on bigger customers and the fact that Airbase covers more ground, according to Kote, than Divvy by encompassing the software work that Bill.com itself and Expensify handle.

I bring all of this to you as the war over expense management for businesses large and small intensifies in terms of software. With Divvy off the table, Ramp is now perhaps the biggest player in the space not to charge for the software he wraps around corporate cards. Brex recently launched software that it charges on a recurring basis. (More information on Brex on this link, if you’re there.)

Miscellaneous and miscellaneous

Two final notes for you, things that should make you laugh, wince or howl:

  1. the Eliot Brown of the Wall Street Journal tweeted some data this week from the Financial Times, that of the roughly 40 PSPCs that made deals last year, a dozen and a half have lost more than half of their value. And that the average drop among the combined entities is 38%. Weft.
  2. And finally, welcome for any pic.

More to come next week, including notes on the return of Kaltura and Procore IPOs, and whatever it is we can pull from the Krispy Kreme S-1 filing, because donuts are life.


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Houston SaaS Startup Closes $ 12 Million Series A Funding Round With Support From Local VC https://tagsarea.com/houston-saas-startup-closes-12-million-series-a-funding-round-with-support-from-local-vc/ https://tagsarea.com/houston-saas-startup-closes-12-million-series-a-funding-round-with-support-from-local-vc/#respond Fri, 07 May 2021 18:56:11 +0000 https://tagsarea.com/houston-saas-startup-closes-12-million-series-a-funding-round-with-support-from-local-vc/

The death of a loved one comes with grief – and red tape. Houston-based company that streamlines the planning and decision-making process after death is making things even easier with a new smartphone app.

The Postage, a digital platform to aid in business planning, recently launched a mobile app to make the service more accessible after a particularly murderous year. The United States has recorded 3.2 million deaths – the highest number of deaths in its history, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After losing three family members in a row, Emily Cisek faced the difficulty of concluding the life of a loved one. She saw how planning for the afterlife had interrupted her family’s mourning and caused deep frustration. Soon she began to consider a solution to help people have a plan and go through the process of losing someone.

The Postage, which launched in September, provides a platform for people to plan their affairs and leave the wishes of loved ones behind. The website includes document storage and organization, password management, funeral planning and last wishes, as well as the ability to create after-death messages to share posthumously with loved ones.

“Right now, being ahead of this app, end-of-life planning is really tough. It’s that intimidating thing you have to sit down and do in front of your computer, ”says Cisek. Not only is it “intimidating”, it takes time. According to The Postage, families can expect to spend nearly 500 hours completing end-of-life details if no planning is done ahead of time.

With over 74% of The Postage’s web traffic coming from mobile users, an app was a natural progression. In fact, Contractor reports that the average person will spend nine years on their mobile device. Cisek wanted to meet users where they are with a user-friendly application that includes the same functionality as the desktop website.

“What we wanted to do [with the app] is so easy to plan for your life and the end of your life with one click – as easy as posting and commenting on social media, “says Cisek.” People are so used to thinking about these behaviors and clicking a button to add an image … we wanted it to be that easy, ”she continued.

Cisek and his team focused on providing a “seamless experience” within the app, which took around four months to build, reflecting the desktop platform.

Although The Postage’s website has mobile functionality, the app includes the ability to record and download content. Whether it’s taking a photo of their insurance policy or recording a video to share with loved ones, The Postage app allows users to capture photos and videos right in the app.

After taking a photo, “the next step is to share it with your loved ones,” says Cisek. Photos, family recipes, and videos can easily be and securely shared with loved ones who accept your invitation to The Postage so “that legacy continues,” she says.

Since the fall launch of The Postage, the company has developed a steady base of paid subscribers with the intention of growing.

“We are really starting to change the way people plan for the future,” says Cisek.

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