East Bay union challenges AC Transit’s voluntary masking rule

(KRON) – The East Bay Transit Riders Union has called on the AC Transit board to reinstate a mask mandate on their buses.

The union, according to its website, is an East Bay transit organization dedicated to the expansion and survival of transit in the East Bay area.

The decision to challenge AC Transit came when the agency adopted a voluntary mask policy last Wednesday. Recent legislation that overturned mandatory masking policies has caused transit systems to change their mask requirements.

However, AC Transit still encourages the use of masks.

“AC Transit strongly recommends that our passengers continue to wear face masks when boarding, driving and exiting the bus, the agency said on its website regarding the new rules.

The East Bay Transit Riders Union asked AC Transit to reactivate the mask rule in a letter. They believe making masking optional puts immunocompromised people at risk of COVID-19 infection. They say masks drastically reduce the transmission of the virus and will keep everyone safe.

“We of the East Bay Transit Riders Union call on the AC Transit Board of Directors to reinstate a mask requirement on buses, reversing the recent politically motivated right-wing legal action against federal rule,” said the union in a statement to AC Transit. .

AC Transit is scheduled to meet virtually on Wednesday, April 27 at 5 p.m. to discuss concerns about voluntary masking.

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