DeepOptics Launches First-Ever Adaptive Focus Sunglasses As Silicon Valley Tech Companies Rush To Put Smart Glasses On Consumers

TEL AVIV, Israel – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –DeepOptics (, the inventor and pioneer of new adaptive lens technology, announces the launch of its new product, 32 ° N (pronounced 32 North), the first and only adaptive focus sunglasses, on Kickstarter. The 32 ° N sunglasses allow several different prescriptions with just one pair of glasses.

32 ° N can dynamically correct reading while serving as functional sunglasses. The glasses mimic natural human vision, allowing users to seamlessly switch between “reading mode” for near vision and “panning mode” for far distances. 32 ° N meets the needs of people with presbyopia, the age-related reduction in near vision, instead of having to switch between sunglasses and reading glasses and without the difficult compromises of progressive lenses and bifocals. DeepOptics investors include some of the most well-known players in eyewear and technology, Essilor and Samsung Ventures.

There are 1.8 billion people worldwide with presbyopia, which refers to the inability to focus on nearby objects. The eye condition usually occurs in people over 45 and gets progressively worse. Presbyopia cannot be reversed, but is usually corrected with multiple pairs of glasses, especially outdoors. Alternative approaches to resolving presbyopia include progressive (multifocal) lenses and bifocal lenses which each have their own limitations. As many consumers can attest, switching between sunglasses and reading glasses can get tedious, given that the average person looks at their phone up to 58 times a day. This is where 32 ° N comes in.

“Our mission is to improve human vision through dynamic optics,” says Yariv Haddad, CEO and co-founder of DeepOptics. “Presbyopia is a problem that affects a lot of people, most of the time. 32 ° N is the first product of many on our roadmap. It was developed to provide a transparent technological solution to a problem faced by many users. We believe the fastest way to get our technology into the hands of consumers who can benefit from it was through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. ”

The 32 ° N sunglasses feature pixelated liquid crystal (LC) layers that are divided into tiny pixels, capable of rotating at every point on the panel. When the user slides, it activates the tiny processor integrated into the temple of the glasses. The processor calculates the user’s personal data and sends this data to form the desired lens prescription. Millions of tiny pixels inside the lens change their electrical state based on the new data to form the lens and focus the nearby object. Completely silent and with no additional weight or moving parts, the LC lens from DeepOptics allows an unlimited number of high quality dynamic lenses that can be changed at any time.

Similar to cell phones or bluetooth headphones, each full 32 ° N charge lasts a full day. Unlike competing solutions, 32 ° N does not require any adaptation period.

“Essilor is proud to have partnered with Deep Optics for several years to develop smart eyewear solutions that adapt to the environment and to the user’s needs,” said Denis Cohen-Tannoudji Senior Vice President Smart Vision Solutions at ESSILOR. “We are delighted with the deployment of 32 ° N by the company and happy to support this project with our know-how in engineering and design. ”

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About DeepOptics

DeepOptics ( is the inventor and pioneer of new electronic lens technology, with a mission to transform the world of vision correction and lead it into the era of dynamic optics. The company has developed cutting-edge liquid crystal (LC) lens technology, meeting the growing need for dynamic vision correction, primarily in the progressive eyewear and augmented reality and virtual reality (AR / VR) headset markets. . Its fully transparent, ultra-low power LC lenses allow fast and seamless changing of optical prescriptions during use. DeepOptics technology is the crucial element to revolutionize the progressive eyewear market as well as several other systems to aid human vision. DeepOptics is based in Israel.

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