Completely Distant Startup Proxifile Closes $ 2.3 Million Angel Funding

SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Proxifile, the creator of the world’s first claims-as-a-service platform to help businesses and individuals navigate financial and property recovery claims, closed $ 2.3 million angel funding of dollars.

Launched in May 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Proxifile is a completely remote startup, headquartered in the Bay Area with employees in Taiwan, Ireland, Finland, Vancouver, Washington, DC and in Pennsylvania.

Despite the lockdowns, the different time zones and the general uncertainty of the time, Proxifile grew. He launched his bankruptcy product and successfully closed his angel funding round, led by senior tech executives including Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn), Andy Cohen (SVP of Sales from, Matt Humphrey ( CEO of LendingHome), Harvey Golub (former CEO of American Express), Lloyd Lobo (founder of and Ryan Gilbert (founder of Launchpad Capital).

“Proxifile has identified a significant and urgent need for creditors who are underserved in today’s market – to navigate bankruptcy complications and provide claims assistance in the digital age,” said Ryan Gilbert, Founder of Launchpad Capital.

Other investors include senior executives from NerdWallet, Kiva, Wag, OneFinance, Airkit, Gentem Health, Snowflake, BlueVista and Tencent, as well as Darwin Ventures, Quiet Venture Fund and partners from Rally Ventures and Fenway Summer Ventures.

This funding allows Proxifile to expand its Beta bankruptcy claims offering to a nationwide rollout and begin its expansion into real estate claims for individual owners and managers.

“Proxifile was created to help individuals and businesses collect what is owed to them,” said CEO and co-founder Cassindy Chao Bierhaus. “For most busy people, claims are too complicated to process. And due to the many rules and requirements, one misstep could mean losing your money. Proxifile was created to help the average person navigate these complicated processes by pushing a button – and making the whole process transparent and accountable. ”

Proxifile helps individuals and businesses who are owed money navigate the complex process of legal claims. As the premier Claims as a Service company, Proxifile combines deep expertise with innovative technology to level the playing field for traditionally neglected small creditors. By automating compliance and transparency, Proxifile is revolutionizing complaints handling.

To date, most of the Proxifile team have not yet met in person. Cassindy shares how she rushed to the airport for lunch with Gene Ho, the product manager, right after she was hired, to make that personal connection before she boarded her flight to Europe.

The company has also had Zoom calls to all adventurous hands, including bars across Helsinki for a nightcap (or three), or a reunion from the top of the 5,000-year-old Neolithic Irish passage chamber tomb, Fourknocks, in County Meath, Ireland.

With in-depth experience in law, finance and technology, the Proxifile team is committed to developing a range of products and services that put compliance, accountability and accessibility at the forefront of processes. of complaint.

“In order to successfully pursue financial and real estate claims, there are a multitude of compliance requirements that must first be met. Small businesses don’t have a giant compliance department, which is why we created Proxifile, ”said Neil Peretz, co-founder and general counsel of Proxifile.

Proxifile is an example of how, by using innovative thinking and leveraging all available tools, a business can overcome all obstacles and be successful.


Proxifile was founded in 2020 by Cassindy Chao Bierhaus, an investment banking veteran from Bear Stearns, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs; and attorney and entrepreneur, Neil Peretz, who co-founded the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection’s Enforcement Office and served as a prosecutor in the US Department of Justice’s Business and Finance Section.

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