Colorado First-Time Home Buyers Programs in 2021

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It’s hard to be a first-time home buyer in Colorado these days. With home prices soaring and homes selling rapidly, you may find that your dream of owning a home is out of reach.

But as a first-time home buyer in Colorado, you may have more options than you think. State and national loan programs can make home ownership accessible and affordable, if you know where to find them.

National home ownership programs

These national loan programs, which aren’t just for first-time home buyers, provide a mortgage with low credit scores or a low down payment.

CHFA First Home Loan Programs

Through a network of participating mortgage lenders statewide, CHFA offers purchase loans, as well as assistance with down payments and closing costs.

Program availability and eligibility requirements vary; contact a CHFA participating lender to learn more about programs that may be right for you.

CHFA Highlights and Eligibility Requirements

Strong points

  • Down payment and help with closing costs for home purchases.

  • Homebuyer training offered in English and Spanish.


  • Have a minimum credit score of 620.

  • Take an in-person or online training course for CHFA homebuyers.

  • Observe income limits, which vary depending on location and household size.

  • Make a minimum financial contribution of at least $ 1,000.

  • Meet the qualification requirements for a CHFA participating lender.

Your next step

Looking for Help Buying a Home in Colorado? Start by finding a CHFA participating lender to determine your eligibility and apply.

You may also want to assess your credit, determine how much house you can afford and sign up for a training course for first-time home buyers in Colorado. CHFA makes them available for free in person or online for a fee, and taking a course will help you make home buying decisions with confidence, no matter which loan option you choose.

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