Citi to complete the price rewind, several side benefits on all cards

Say it’s not, Citibank! The issuer is the latest to announce that it is removing a variety of credit card benefits. The advantages are removed in its entire range of Citi Credit Cards include Citi Price Rewind, as well as Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Protection Depending on which Citi Card you have, you could also lose a lot more.

The changes – which went into effect on September 22, 2019 and apply to refund cards and travel cards – are “due to sustained low usage” and are occurring “so that we can continue to deliver key benefits that our customers use and value most at no additional cost, ”according to a Citi statement.
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What’s going on?

Citi Cardholders who log into their accounts may see a pop-up window detailing the exact benefits removed from their cards, which vary by Citi Card. You can also call the number on the back of your card, but Citi has confirmed that all cards will lose the following:

  • Protection against trip cancellation and interruption.

Other upfront benefits, depending on the Citi card, include:

  • Travel accident insurance worldwide.

  • Baggage delay and lost baggage protection.

  • Travel and emergency assistance.

  • Sending roadside assistance.

  • Protection of purchases against damage and theft.

  • Protection of missed tickets.

  • 90 day return protection.

Again, contact Citi to find out how your card may be affected.

All mentions of these benefits have already been deleted from the Citi website, including its Card benefits page. Certain benefits will continue to be available on select cards, including Citi Identity Theft Solutions, Citi Entertainment, and free access to FICO® credit scores.

Nerdy tip: Citi confirms that the Citi Costco Anywhere Visa® Card will lose Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Protection as well as Citi Price Rewind, but will continue to offer worldwide car rental insurance, worldwide travel accident insurance, shipping assistance road, travel and emergency assistance, damage and theft protection, extended warranty, FICO Credit Score, Citi Identity Theft Solutions and Citi Entertainment.

What it means for you

All Citi Cardholders will experience a significant loss in value with this move, but the severity of the hit depends on what Citi Cards you own and how often – or whether – you use those side perks.

Citi Price Rewind, in particular, has long been a defining feature for the issuer, especially as cards began to eliminate price protection as a standard benefit. With Citi Price Rewind, if you find an item online for a lower price within 60 days of your purchase with an eligible Citi card, you can receive the difference, up to $ 200 per item, $ 1,000 per year. (Citi had already reduced this benefit in the summer of 2018 to a maximum of $ 500 per item, $ 2,500 per year.)

Unlike other price protection policies, Citi Price Rewind takes a lot of work out of the process, tracking prices online for you, as long as you have recorded the purchase.

If you have a credit card with this benefit, you’ll still be covered for purchases made before September 22, 2019.

As for the loss of other purchasing and travel protections, some may miss you more than others. In particular, the loss of rental car coverage can sting, especially since, unlike a benefit such as price protection, there is usually no tracking or paperwork to receive coverage. Simply pay for the rental with the qualifying credit card, then decline the rental car company’s collision coverage.

Benefits such as rental car coverage, extended warranty and other protections are standard on many competitors travel credit cards, so if these side benefits are important to you, it is worth researching your options.

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