BITKRAFT Ventures appoints four people to its investment team

Esports venture capital company BITKRAFT Companies expanded its investment team with the appointment of four new people.

the former vice-president of Esports for the Houston Rockets, Sebastien Park, Head of Strategy at VENN, Carlos pereira, founding partner of Delphi Digital Jetty kicks, and co-founder of High Tea Faye maid have all joined the company.

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Park, who was recently part of the Esports Certification Institute (ECI), had been named Business partnerer. In addition, Pereira was awarded the title of Main, while Kicks and Maidment were named Associates.

According to the statement, the hires are part of BITKRAFT’s larger plan to expand its strategic support, particularly through “forward-thinking start-ups and founders who work to build and operate the virtual worlds and economies of the future. “.

Jens Hilgers, founding general partner of BITKRAFT Ventures, commented the new hires: “BIKTRAFT Ventures is continuously expanding its support and offerings to portfolio companies and there is a need for our internal talents to develop alongside our strategic business goals.

“Recruiting these four crucial hires will accelerate our growth as we leverage their unique perspectives and experiences to continue to provide deep expertise, network access and sources of capital to entrepreneurs in esports, gaming and business. digital entertainment.

Prior to working at VENN, Pereira spent five years as a partner for private equity firm Eldridge Industries. He was also a member of the board of directors of Elo Entertainment, Gizer Inc. and Pixon Games.

During this time, Maidment was previously a partner in the investment team at Unshackled Ventures, a start-up fund. She was also part of the early growth team of the Facemoji avatar app.

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Kicks was mentioned as part of Delphi Digital’s partnership with BITKRAFT Ventures in April. According to the announcement, he was hired earlier this year to assist BITKRAFT in its future blockchain strategies.

Esports Insider Says: Expanding its investment team is a smart move by BITKRAFT as it offers even more diversity, in terms of experience, within the company. It will be interesting to see if any of the hires will impact BITKRAFT’s investment plans.

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