Bay Area, California, job growth slows dramatically in April before COVID reopens – Silicon Valley

Job growth in the Bay Area slowed significantly in April, marking a second consecutive month of weaker job gains, raising questions about how quickly the region can get rid of its economic woes related to the coronavirus.

The Bay Area gained 16,300 jobs in April, but that was considerably less than the March increase and less than half of the huge job recovery in February, the State Department reported on Friday. employment development.

In February, the Bay Area saw a gain of 33,200 jobs in April, the Nine County Area added 16,300 jobs, but that was well below the gain of 23,900 in March and 33,200 in February.

California created 101,800 jobs in April, but that figure was also well below the increase in February and March. The state gained 156,100 jobs in February and 132,400 positions in March.

The statewide unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.3%, EDD reported.

Santa Clara County added 4,900 jobs, the San Francisco-San Mateo area gained 9,800 positions and the East Bay added 800 jobs, according to the report.

California and all of its regions, including the Bay Area, still have a long way to go to recoup the jobs they have lost following large-scale business closures to fight the coronavirus.

Experts hope that as businesses reopen they can start hiring much larger numbers of workers.

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