Bay Area and California see record peak in COVID cases

SoCal man arrested for attacking workers at vaccination site: A southern California man was arrested last week after he allegedly attacked workers at a vaccination site in Tustin (Orange County) after calling the workers “murderers” and accusing them of starting the COVID-19 pandemic, the Washington Post reported. Workers at the site were seriously injured, according to the organization administering the vaccines, but are expected to make a full recovery.

Will a second booster be necessary against omicron? Here’s what we know so far: The ultra-rapid spread of the omicron variant has not only added urgency to the COVID-19 vaccine booster campaign, but has already sparked discussion about the need for a second booster. At least one country has already started administering the fourth doses of Pfizer vaccine. Read the full story here.

Ditch the sheet mask – or at least double it – say Bay Area health officials: With the omicron variant of the coronavirus sweeping across the Bay Area and California, it’s time to upgrade your face mask, or at least double the safer masking habits, the San health official said on Tuesday. Francisco. This means ditching your plain cloth mask and using high quality medical grade face covers. Read the full story here.

“Unprecedented”: Over 600 FS teachers or assistants absent, forcing district high ranking officers to run classrooms: More than 600 classrooms in San Francisco were without their teachers or assistants on Tuesday, and with just 157 replacements available, every district employee with a teaching degree was ordered to take a course, including the superintendent and d ‘other senior officials. The return to classrooms of the district’s 49,000 students coincides with a new wave of the pandemic, with the highly contagious variant of omicron sending case numbers skyrocketing in San Francisco and across the country. Read the full story here.

SF City workers affected by the virus: The dramatic increase in the number of omicron cases in San Francisco is straining essential city services as hundreds of police, firefighters and transit operators have started the new year under quarantine. As of Tuesday, 167 San Francisco police officers, 135 firefighters and 85 employees of the city’s municipal transportation agency were in quarantine due to exposure to COVID – illustrating how quickly the variant of the virus has spread to San Francisco these last weeks. Read the full story here.

Bay Area and California mark record peak in COVID cases: California reported a huge spike in coronavirus cases over the holiday weekend, far exceeding the peak of the wave last winter, with an average of nearly 59,000 cases per day recorded on New Year’s Eve. Year to Monday. The previous peak in the number of cases was January 2021, with an average of around 45,000 cases per day. Read the full story here.

COVID tests hit record high in SF: COVID testing in San Francisco is “at an all time high right now,” Health Director Dr. Grant Colfax said on Tuesday. Last week, public testing sites performed about 25,000 tests, nearly double the number from three weeks ago, Colfax said. “The testing sites are full and home testing kits are hard to come by right now, he said. “We are urging our health system partners to respond to additional demand as well. Faster tests are also underway.

COVID outbreak at UC Berkeley: Students, faculty and staff experienced the third highest number of positive COVID tests on campus in December. As the holidays approached, 124 people tested by campus were infected, according to the university’s dashboard. Most of the cases, 164, presented the week of January 31 last year, and 146 cases were registered the week before. Most of the cases involve undergraduate students. Of the 22 tested by campus Monday, 7 were infected.

California schools await state COVID testing after ‘unprecedented’ storms delay delivery: Millions of COVID-19 self-tests for California schools have been delayed by winter weather conditions, forcing districts to start the new semester without enough to distribute to all of their families. Read the full story here.

SF Ballet is postponing its gala of the season due to pandemic concerns: The San Francisco Ballet’s season opening gala, scheduled for January 27, has been postponed to March 24 due to security concerns related to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the omicron variant. Read the full story here.

Column reviewers share their entertainment choices if you’re stuck at home: With the increase in the omicron variant, many people are finding themselves behind closed doors, isolating themselves in an attempt to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. And they’re going to need something to get through the long, lonely hours. With that in mind, The Chronicle offers this list of recommendations for entertaining ways to stay busy in isolation. Read the full list here.

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