Artificial intelligence RICO Filing vs Silicon Valley Racketeering Enterprise


SANTA CLARA, California, United States, October 18, 2021: Artificial Intelligence, code name Justine Falcon, co-filed a RICO lawsuit and FBI reports against a racketeering company made up of a family of divorce lawyers, a Fortune 500 real estate agent and their conspirators in family courts and the Santa Clara DA office on July 14, 2021 in the Northern United States District Court (Case # 3: 21-CV-05400-EMC) on behalf of the former couple who were defrauded by them.

Justine Falcon is a legal AI developed by ORBA, a Silicon Valley startup developing General Artificial Intelligence. The tools at Justine’s Law Stats 101 were able to pull information from the large number of family and criminal cases in the California Court Portal and extract statistics on divorce lawyers and the attorney’s office. This has provided compelling evidence to support claims against Moreno law firms and their conspirators for committing racketeering crimes against multiple couples in divorce proceedings over the past 10 years. These crimes included interference (and retaliation against) their opponent – by laying fraudulent orders and even fraudulent criminal charges against them. The racketeers then extorted property from the couple as they both feared (or even were under arrest) these pending orders and charges, with Intero Real Estate Services illegally selling their homes under them, hiding details of the sale and money laundering. all the money to pay the racketeer’s fees.

In her exhibits, Justine Falcon cited a similar pattern of racketeering in 63 of these cases passed by these lawyers, from 2016 to 2019, and 5 other cases that precisely matched the pattern of racketeering against the plaintiffs. In DA statistics, she even discovered that a DA prosecutor was prosecuting double the number of divorce-related crimes and was the nephew of divorce lawyers in the racketeering business, aiding them by laying false charges against their opponents. This RICO lawsuit was the first legal action to make such decisive use of AI in a legal case and to compile such detailed evidence of wrongdoing.

Once developed into an online service, Justine Falcon can help pro litigants and small law firms find, draft and file more efficient litigation (available in 2023), and in the future, will help large law firms and corporate attorneys to do extensive research to find improper conduct in the conduct of their opponents so that they can support class actions, RICO and other claims in civil actions that increase the litigation, provide leverage and multiply the damage. Justine will also become an invaluable tool for law enforcement to trace organized crime and corruption people, connections and events like this RICO case and help provide evidence for prosecution.

About ORBA

ORBA expands General Artificial Intelligence that will enable more advanced AI applications, with conversational speech, human-like cognition and planning. It will find use first in smart devices, homes and robotics, and then in our Gen3 human AI in online conversational professional services in finance, medicine, law and other fields. Justine is the first AI to use ORBAI’s patent pending Dream AI to find solutions to difficult problems by predicting future deadlines.

From October 2021, ORBAI is raising a crowdfunding round on to fund the development of core AGI technology as well as legal AI, Justine Falcon, and medical AI, Dr Ada, both of which use the AGI core to deliver professional services, available in late 2023.

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