Another monsoon surge could soon cause dry lightning in the Bay Area amid concerns over wildfires

Another wave of monsoon moisture is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area and the central coast, raising concerns over dry thunderstorms in an already intense fire season.

The humidity “will head north” from the desert southwest from Monday, according to a National Weather Service Bay Area report, and will likely continue through Tuesday.

This could cause erratic winds and dry thunderstorms, much like the humidity episode that happened last weekend.

“This mid-level humidity will potentially interact with increased instability to produce isolated to scattered rain showers and / or thunderstorms,” ​​the advisory said.

Bay Area Weather Service meteorologist Brayden Murdock told SFGATE he was still a bit “far from saying exactly” what would happen next week, but the humidity will likely come to the area. Los Angeles before heading north.

“We are installed in another model where we have this humidity, it comes from the south,” he told SFGATE.

Murdock added that there will be some deviation in models from last week’s event when it arrives in central and northern California.

It should not be another lightning event similar to that of August 2020, which produced hundreds of wildfires.

But as the fires start to escalate amid peak fire season, including the storm-induced Tamarack fire, it’s worth staying prepared in case something goes wrong, Murdock said. .

“It’s been a dry year and luckily we haven’t put together what we had last year,” he said, “but we’re not out of the woods yet.”

SFGATE Editor-in-Chief Amy Graff contributed to this report.

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