“A predatory culture” at the University of San Francisco

An article in Illustrated sports features interviews with women who say they’ve been victimized by a “toxic” men’s football team for being harassed and sexually assaulted. The University of San Francisco team have won numerous national championships, but have also built a reputation on campus for how players treat women. A report commissioned by the university “identified 11 football players accused of committing sexual misconduct in the past decade,” but Illustrated sports found women who did not speak to investigators.

Father Paul J. Fitzgerald, president of the university, sent a letter to campus on Friday in which he said: “The Illustrated sports history highlights the grave harm that has occurred within our USF community. I recognize the immense courage it takes for someone to speak out about their experiences of sexual violence and misconduct. Thanks to those who shared, reported and spoke. Thank you to those who support someone who has experienced sexual violence and misconduct. The specific accounts of former students and survivors detailed throughout the story are heartbreaking and no one should have these experiences. “

He also said the new officials and policies were designed to prevent the types of problems detailed in the article.

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