2 North Bay men found guilty of kidnapping and raping San Francisco woman sentenced to life in prison

The two men convicted of abducting a woman from the streets of San Francisco, beating her as they drove north and raping her in a Sonoma parking lot were sentenced to prison on Wednesday at life.

Fredi Lopez-Flores and Christian Quintero appeared handcuffed in a Sonoma County courtroom for sentencing nearly two months after a jury found them guilty of six counts of sexual assault and assault.

The woman, referred to in court only as Jane Doe, was abducted while waiting for a ride in the Mission district of San Francisco.

“It’s been four years since this happened and I’m still fighting like it was yesterday,” she said in an impact statement read to Judge Christopher Honigsberg by a victims’ attorney from the DA’s office. district.

During a trial that lasted four weeks, the victim stood up and recounted the early morning of April 14, 2018, when she said Quintero punched and strangled her in the back of the car. Lopez-Flores on their way to Sonoma. She said the two men took turns raping her in the back of the car before abandoning her in a parking lot.

“I will no longer be able to live a normal life,” the statement said, adding that she hoped the court would impose maximum sentences on the two men, for fear of possible release.

Honigsberg sentenced Lopez-Flores, 36, to a total sentence of 330 years to life. He gave Quintero, 27, 180 years to life. Lopez-Flores received an aggravated sentence due to a previous conviction for domestic violence.

Honigsberg denied pleas by defense attorneys asking the two men to consider mitigating factors in sentencing, including Quintero’s age of 24 at the time of the crime, Lopez-Flores’ sixth year and the fact that they were both fathers.

Lopez-Flores, who gave moving testimony at the trial, maintained his innocence in a statement he read in Spanish in court on Wednesday.

“It’s not fair that I continue to be punished for a crime I didn’t commit,” Lopez-Flores said behind a white mask. “Please, Your Honor, touch your conscience when you pass sentence. … My family needs your help.

Before handing down the sentences, Honigsberg called the crime “one of the worst sexual assaults (cases) I have ever witnessed as a judge or a lawyer.”

“Mr. Lopez-Flores, what’s not fair is what you did in this case,” Honigsberg said.

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